Providing Tools to Tell The Gospel in Lithuania

Dear Friend of Eurasia,

Rasa was pregnant when she entered the tent over 14 years ago.

Her abusive husband had punched her forcefully in the abdomen. She came into the tent meeting crying and crushed, praying that her baby would be born unharmed.

That night, sitting in a ministry tent in Lithuania, Rasa gave her life to Christ and has been in church ever since. Her now-teenaged daughter, Evelina, was born healthy—a miracle because the doctor’s prognosis had been bleak.

A ministry tent can be a powerful tool for drawing thousands to Christ.

Between 1993 and 2005, tent meetings were held across Lithuania using a single yellow and white striped tent. Many of today’s Christians in Lithuania came to the Lord as a result of those tent revivals.

         That single tent traveled to 43 cities, witnessing more than 950 evangelistic meetings. In these meetings, 412,000 free Bibles were distributed along with special materials like “God Loves You” coloring books for the children. Over 175,000 people heard the message of hope, life, and forgiveness in Jesus.

The 20-year-old tent, now torn and frayed, no longer travels around the country. It would not survive the journey.


A wave of spiritual hunger is sweeping across Lithuania. The number of churches has grown by 50% in the last two years alone!

Lithuanian pastors have an amazing passion for planting churches. Collectively, they have a vision of starting 150 churches by year 2033. But they are hampered by one major need: a tent.

One tent—which all these churches would share for evangelism—costs $12,000.

Financial resources are tight in this former Communist country where unemployment is high and wages are low. Local churches can supply eager volunteers to help with church planting outreaches and evangelism, but they cannot afford to purchase a new tent.

Friends, we have an opportunity today to come alongside the national church of Lithuania with our prayers and financial support. Will you be part of their financial miracle?

“If we can give them this tool,” says David Millsaps, Director of The Baltic Initiative (AG), “I believe it will result in hundreds, if not thousands, of lives changed by the good news of Jesus.”

Just imagine how many people will be touched over the years by this tent!

For $21, you can provide a seat in a tent for someone like Auksana or Egidijus to hear the gospel for the very first time.

Auksana, like 59% of Lithuanians, was addicted to alcohol. She entered a tent meeting in 2000 and gave her heart to Christ. Today, Auksana and her 4 children are in church and still holding on to God. She says that without Him, life would not be worth living.

Before coming to faith, Egidijus was involved in criminal activities and eventually ended up in prison. He accepted Christ in 2001 during a tent outreach. After being born again, he was diagnosed with a type of blood cancer and malignant tumors in the lungs. Jesus miraculously healed him and now Egidijus regularly shares his testimony with his unbelieving friends.

These names have not been changed. They are real people who want me to share with you how tent evangelism impacted their lives.

Currently tent outreaches are at a standstill for lack of a simple tool—a tent.
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Your gift of $21 or more will help purchase this much-needed tent that will be used to reach thousands of Lithuanians. For $210, you can provide ten people with the chance to hear the good news for the very first time!

Shortly after the fall of Communism, Christians around the world felt a great need to take the gospel into former Communist bloc countries like Lithuania. American churches in particular gave generously to build and equip these budding Pentecostal churches.

In fact, the leader of the Lithuanian Pentecostal movement recently expressed his gratitude for Assemblies of God churches and missionaries from the United States. He said that almost every church in their fellowship and every ministry like Teen Challenge and Lithuania’s Bible college have been supported, influenced, and in many cases even initiated by YOU!

For those of you who have faithfully given to missions over the years, this is your legacy!

We don’t know how long this hunger in the hearts of Lithuanians will last or how long freedom to preach the gospel in this country will continue. But we want to come alongside our brothers and sisters in Lithuania and help them in their vision of building 150 churches in the next two decades.

         Will you seize this opportunity to make a difference for the future of Lithuania?