Merry Christmas, Bangladesh!

October 2019 Faces Eurasia

Your Christmas gift for Jannatul Naim changed his life — and eternity!

He was struggling for survival in an impoverished slum of Dhaka in Bangladesh. His country is 90% Muslim, and he came from a Muslim family.

But there was little time for religion as his mother desperately tried to provide for her children on her own — Naim’s dad had left long ago.

They lived in a single room — and shared a kitchen and bathroom with nine other families! In such abject circumstances, school was too difficult for Naim. He seemed resigned to failure … he had so little hope for the future

But then he was invited to a Christmas party. Our partners at Aji Se Din (This Is the Day) ministry always throw a party for the poorest children in Dhaka …

There was food — glorious food! — to eat, and to take home. There were gifts: a t-shirt, a Scripture book, plus music, games, and fun …

And for the very first time, Naim heard the Christmas story, and came to understand a little bit of why the Lord Jesus was special.

Naim began attending a children’s church in the slums, and soon he placed his faith in Christ!

Now he is secure in the love of the Savior, which gives him great joy, despite his circumstances. But those are improving, too:

Today Naim receives regular tutoring with volunteers at church, so he’s improving in his studies. With Christ in his life and the help of his church, he’s moving toward a brighter future.

“Now I know God is my Heavenly Father who takes care of me daily,” Naim says. “And Jesus is my way to the Father.”


Your support for Faces of Eurasia helps support Aji Se Din. And they’re planning this year’s Christmas party right now. But it isn’t just for the children of Dhaka this holiday season —

They’re expanding to 10 different districts of Bangladesh, to touch the lives of 5,000 needy children!

This is not a sudden leap forward: Aji Se Din has actually been doing Christmas parties and children’s church in the slums for 16 years, so they have a solid history of ministry.

They’ve been building up to this, and now is the time to share the hope of Christ with 5,000 children in need.

It takes just $3 per child to provide the party — presents, food, and a Scripture book they can take home and learn more about Jesus.

It’s my prayer that you will want to provide this for 10 or 100 or 500 of these children, however the Lord leads you.

We’re thrilled to be part of this powerful and effective outreach to the most vulnerable children in Bangladesh, especially because we have seen the results in the lives of many children like Naim.

And what better time to share the love of Christ with them than at Christmas, when we are considering the love of God, who gave the most costly Christmas gift to us: His only Son.

Every $3 you give will help introduce one child to Jesus.

»$30 will reach 10.

»$150 will reach 50.

»$300 will reach 100!

»However you are led to give, you will make a BIG difference!

And keep in mind: More than likely, you will be reaching Muslim children: 90% of Bangladeshis follow Islam (and 9% follow Hinduism). They desperately need Jesus!

Please pray about how you can help, then think of the next wonderful kid like Naim, who is living in hopelessness, just waiting to receive the Good News.

You can give him — and multitudes more — a life-changing Christmas gift!

Please let me hear from you ASAP. The parties are being planned NOW. Aji Se Din needs our confirmation that we can help them bless 5,000 needy children this Christmas. Thank you for responding today!

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