The Green Book

Mustafa hated Christianity…until the day a man gave him a small, green book.

This thin, pocket-sized book is the Biography of Jesus. It combines the four gospels into one continuous story with nothing left out and nothing duplicated. It tells the story of Jesus, the compelling narrative of His life, death, and resurrection to lay the foundational path to salvation.

The Biography of Jesus is the gateway to discovering the life-giving power of the Word of God for many. We need your help to put this transformational book in the hands of Muslims in more than 170 countries!

Mustafa was a devout Muslim who had assaulted his wife and son when they became Christ followers. They were both hospitalized with severe injuries. His wife and son forgave him for the abuse, but he still rejected them as enemies of Islam.

Other believers in Mustafa’s village had formed small groups for evangelism. Their intention was to frequent local businesses to build relationships and share the gospel. One of these groups heard the tragic story of Mustafa’s family throughout the village and felt led to display the genuine love of God to Mustafa. They began regularly visiting the salon where he worked offering friendship, forgiveness…and eventually the message of salvation through Jesus in that small, green book.

The Biography of Jesus is about the size of your smartphone — it is easily concealed and designed to visually blend in with Islamic religious books. Its cover is a deep, alluring green with swirls and embossed text. Written in an Eastern poetic form, the narrative flows with a rhythm similar to the Quran making it familiar and appealing to practicing Muslims. It attracted Mustafa in the same way the melody of a well-known hymn might warm the heart of a faithful Christian.

The Biography of Jesus is the most effective evangelistic tool being used
in more than 170 countries where Arabic is spoken.

The impact of Mustafa’s dramatic conversion multiplied throughout his village. Soon after, he went door to door with 500 copies of the Biography of Jesus, sharing the gospel with his friends and neighbors.

It takes just $1 to print one copy of the Biography of Jesus. Yes, ONE DOLLAR! Imagine the thousands of souls who could be influenced with your generous gift!

The Holy Spirit is doing a great work through local believers and missionaries with this practical resource. Not only is the Biography of Jesus available in print, it is also accessible in audio format for those who cannot read the physical book.

A woman named Nur was born with a degenerative eye disease. She lost her sight by the age of nineteen and struggled to adjust to life in the dark. In addition to environmental darkness, Nur lived in spiritual darkness — she had never heard about the hope of Christ.

One day, Nur entered a friend’s home and heard the familiar sounds of Islamic chanting coming from a small stereo. As she listened, she realized the theme was something different entirely — it was the story of a man named Jesus! Nur’s friend shared the gospel with her that day and helped her download a copy of the Biography of Jesus on her own device.

Nur’s access to the gospel had been limited by her disability in innumerable ways. But her life was changed because the Biography of Jesus was available to her in audio form.

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.
– Romans 1:16

This story of hope doesn’t stop with Nur. She and her friend, who is also visually impaired, established a school for the blind to serve their community and the surrounding villages. They share the audio version of the Biography of Jesus with each teacher and student at their school. Today, every teacher and nearly 50% of the students have become followers of Christ — all because of this life-changing tool.

This book was created 35 years ago and is STILL the first step toward salvation for thousands of devout followers of Islam each year!

Muslims in restricted countries are waiting to know God’s plan and purpose for their lives. You can introduce them to the hope of the gospel by sending the Biography of Jesus to their communities. Many new believers will listen to the audio book and read along in their physical copies as they study the stories of Jesus and open their hearts to His transformative Word.

Will you help us send 50,000 copies of this exceptional resource to Arabic-speaking people who have limited access to God’s Word?

Thank you for your partnership as we unite with the Holy Spirit to bring true redemption in Christ to Muslims in countries that are hostile to the gospel.

P.S.   One copy of the Word of God has the potential to change the lives of an entire community — imagine the impact 50,000 copies could have in these restricted countries!