Plant New Churches for Unreached People Groups!

October 2018 Faces Eurasia

Your gift of love changed everything for a Muslim man in desperate need …

Mohammed’s world was ripped apart by civil war. He was forced to flee,
became a refugee in another majority-Muslim country … but here he met Christian missionaries …

And committed his life to Christ!

This is wonderful news — and the story gets even better:

He knew it was a risk for him to leave Islam — and feared it would be difficult to grow in his new faith … until he connected with a wonderful group of church-planters, supported by friends like you through Faces of Eurasia.

He told them he wanted to know all he could about new life in Christ, and explained that he had friends who wanted to hear about Jesus, too …

“Maybe we can make a group and study together, and help each other follow Jesus,” he suggested.

This “study group” will become the foundation for a new church!

This is miraculous in the Muslim world … and it is happening in nation after nation as you pray for and support our brave church-planting teams.

Many are known as Live Dead Teams. Why? They base their name on the words of the Apostle Paul who declared, “I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me” (Galatians 2:10). The dedicated men and women who make up these teams are determined to die to self so that Christ may live through them …

And Mohammed’s story shows: God is doing remarkable things through They base their ministry on three principles: Abide in Christ, Apostle the Unreached, and Abandon Everything for the sake of the cross. Because they’re already “living dead,” they are willing to pay any price to bring the hope of the Savior to the Muslim world.

They focus on unreached people groups — people groups where evangelical Christians comprise less than 2% of the population. In fact, 80% of the world’s Hindus, Muslims, and Buddhists have never met a Christian. And 40% of the world’s population is part of an unreached people group!

In Eurasia alone, there are 4,400 of these groups …

People in desperate need of the Good News!

Thank God, you are standing with Faces of Eurasia to reach out to them through church-planting teams — groups that go for long-term missions, living and working among unreached people, sharing the Gospel, and launching discipleship groups, and eventually new churches.

These churches will remain and continue reaching out for years to come.

And the people they reach will carry the Good News wherever they go. Mohammed, for instance? He is looking forward to the day he is able to leave the refugee camp and return to his own country …

“Before I became a Christian, I never wanted to go back to my own country, because of the bad things that happened there,” he recalls. But today, he says:

“Now I want to go back, so that my people can have the Holy Spirit living in their hearts, too. I want to study the Bible all I can, so I can become a pastor, and grow strong, and help my people follow Jesus.”

This is the life-transforming difference you made for Mohammed, through your prayers and support for Faces of Eurasia — and he is going to make that difference for many more Muslims as he shares his new-found faith in Christ.

Today I’m inviting you to reach out again, for the next Mohammed, the next Muslim from an unreached people group who has never before heard the story of Jesus. Your gift of love can help share the Good News with them, and even help plant a new church for them!

You can help support our church-planting teams — their work is efficient and cost-effective: just $1,200 to help send a team for a whole year. If you’re able to do that, it will be a real blessing! And rest assured every gift helps:

  • $25 helps send a team for a week.
  • $100 helps support a team for a month.
  • $600 helps provide for six months.
  • Whatever you feel led to give today will mean the world to the next Muslim like Mohammed who chooses to follow Jesus!

Thank you for opening your heart again today, for Muslims and others in the unreached people groups of Eurasia. God has not forgotten them, and I know you don’t, either.

Muslims risk their lives to choose Christ. Our teams risk their lives to plant churches. Some are brick and mortar, some are home fellowships, some are almost totally underground — to avoid detection and persecution.

But our teams know they’re already “living dead,” so they are willing  to face the dangers. All they ask of us is our prayers, and our support. Please respond as the Lord leads you to share the Good News.

P.S.    Our church-planting teams need your prayers today. And as you’re able to give a sacrificial gift as well, you’ll help another Muslim like Mohammed receive the life-changing news of Jesus’ love! Thank you!

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