Dear Friend of Eurasia,


Our workers on the ground say that 8 out of every 10 Iranians they talk to express a desire to own a Bible.

But Bibles in Iran’s official language of Farsi are very hard to find. Iranians cannot just walk into a bookshop and buy a Farsi Bible. They need a connection with a Christian to get one.

The gift of a $5 Farsi Bible opens conversations about Jesus!

Last year, your generous gifts enabled our local teams to distribute 5,000 Farsi Bibles. Because of you, 5,000 Iranian families read the Word of God in their own language for the first time.

We rejoice that through various ministries, about 1 million copies of Scripture went into Iran in recent years! However, Iran’s population is more than 79 million: clearly more still needs to be done.

Will you join us this month in funding 10,000 Farsi Bibles for distribution among Iranians?*


Casey, a short-term AGWM worker, ministered for several months in a country bordering Iran. Part of his team’s ministry consisted of engaging people in conversations on a nightly basis in the city center. Casey met regularly with a man named Chang, an immigrant from China who was fluent in 10 languages.

Casey would carry with him Bibles in several languages.

One evening, an Iranian man approached Casey and Chang. Pointing to Casey’s Farsi Bible, the Iranian said, “Is that what I think it is?”

Casey answered, “I think it is!” and pulled out another Farsi Bible and gave it to the man. The Iranian man began to weep quietly. He told Casey his story.

“Ten years ago, I was sitting in a café in Iran eating with my family when a group of Americans came in and said, ‘Who is the man here who has a disability in his hand and has trouble breathing?’ My family looked at me, shocked. How could these people have known? The Americans came to me and prayed over me, and I was instantly healed.”

This man had been looking for Jesus – and searching for a Bible – for 10 years!

The Iranian man visited Casey the next night to hear more about Jesus, and accepted Jesus into his heart. The man had to leave the country shortly after, taking the Bible with him, and Casey lost contact with him.

Will you pray with us that wherever this man is, he is growing in his faith and ministering to others?

Every week, our workers hear stories like these of Iranians whose lives are forever changed by the gift of a Bible in their own language.

Friends, the gospel is sweeping through the “closed doors” of Iran! There is a Great Awakening occurring in this vast and spiritually hungry country.

This hunger among Iranians is opening unprecedented doors for evangelism. And the main form of evangelism among Iranians is the distribution of Bibles in their heart language of Farsi.

These $5 Farsi Bibles are distributed both inside and outside Iran.

Iranian believers abroad purposefully listen in marketplaces for the familiar sounds of the Farsi language. Then believers strike up conversations with Iranians they meet and present them with a $5 Bible supplied by the generous contributions of individuals like you.

Our workers keep pleading with me to send them more Bibles to distribute. There is simply too much demand.

Will you give a gift of $5, $25, $100 or $1000 to fund the distribution of 10,000 Farsi Bibles?

Seventy-eight out of seventy-nine million Iranians still need to read the Word of God for themselves.

Without Bibles, our workers have nothing tangible to leave behind after a promising

conversation with interested Iranians. We need your help to keep supplying these $5 Farsi Bibles.

THE DOOR OF OPPORTUNITY IS WIDE OPEN. But who knows how long this interest in the Word of God will last?

By completing the enclosed form, you agree to play an active part in this spiritual revolution within the heart of Iran. When you give toward the purchase of one, 10, or 20 Farsi Bibles, you equip our team members with the most powerful and effective ministry tool available— the Word of God!

We cannot let this time in history pass us by.

“The opportunity has never been greater,” says Casey, our AGWM worker. “Iranians are so open and receptive to the Bible. It’s one thing to give Bibles to people who have closed hearts or callous minds, but this is nothing like that! Every time I gave away a Bible, it was received with open arms and with love.”

This is the hour of opportunity. Iranian hearts are open. In five years, the culture in Iran might be completely different. The hearts of Iranians might have hardened towards Jesus and the gospel.

Iran’s Great Awakening is happening NOW. Will you take an active part by helping to supply $5 Farsi Bibles to fuel this hunger among Iranians for the Word of God ?

* Including Scripture portions from Acts and the gospels of Luke and John.