Stand with Persecuted Christians in India

Pastor Zahir and his family were plunged into a nightmare when they were attacked by Hindu nationalists early last year. They fled to save their lives while their home was burned by their attackers to send the message that Jesus was not welcome in India.

This deadly ethnic conflict broke out between a Hindu majority community and the Christian minority group in May 2023. Today, as the struggle continues between these tribes, many persecuted Christians in this region of India have lost everything.

I have decided to follow Jesus…

Unfortunately, Christians in this part of the world are not new to the devastation of persecution. The origin of this simple, heartfelt hymn comes from a nearby tribal community in India nearly 150 years ago. 

After hearing the gospel from a missionary, one man’s faith became contagious. He and his family shared the message of Jesus’s love to many in their community who then believed. 

Angry, the tribal chief called all the members. The family who had first converted was ordered to renounce their faith in public or face execution. 

Moved by the Holy Spirit, the man said: “I have decided to follow Jesus.”

Furious at the man’s refusal, the chief ordered his men to kill the man’s two children. Again, the chief asked, “Will you deny your faith? Both of your children are dead. Your wife will die next.”

But the man replied: “Though no one joins me, still I will follow.”

Even more enraged, the chief order his men to kill the man’s wife. In a moment, she joined her two children in death. One last time the chief asked, “You have lost every one you love. Will you deny your faith and live?”  

With his final breath, the man proclaimed: “The cross before me, the world behind me. No turning back.”

These words ring true to Pastor Zahir and his community of believers as they are faced with the same question. Most of the believers in the four churches that Zahir pastored were forced to flee their homes. Alongside the loss of material possessions, many suffered violent injuries, sexual assault, and even death. The conflict has been gruesome, and the Christian tribal community has experienced the brunt of the suffering. 

Over the course of a year, this conflict has claimed the lives of more than 200 individuals. More than 70,000 people still live in government-established relief camps, unable to return home for fear of further violence and even death. Tragically, nearly 400 churches and thousands of homes have been ravaged
by fire or destruction, leaving over 100 villages in ruins.

Pastor Zahir said, “Due to the conflict right now, we are all scattered throughout 300 relief camps. We can’t meet or have Sunday fellowship. I can only communicate with my church members through phone calls to encourage them to stay strong in the Lord. We lost everything from all four churches as they were looted and robbed. Even my personal land, property, house, domestic animals, and material things were destroyed or stolen.”

I am writing to you with a heavy heart for these persecuted brothers and sisters in India, seeking your urgent support for their dire need. Your gift of only $50 will provide food and kitchen essentials for one displaced family, helping them to rebuild their lives and regain their dignity. 

India has a complex religious and cultural landscape with around 80% of the population being Hindu. It is also the birthplace of Buddhism and has a growing number of Muslim communities. No more than 5% of India’s immense population of nearly 1.4 billion people are Christians.

Many Christians face violence and death under the guise of “purifying” India to make it entirely Hindu. These persecutors seek to appease Hindu gods by eliminating Christians, and they view Christian converts as traitors to the Hindu homeland.

Santosh was a part of the Hindu community before he and his family found hope and a future in Jesus. When the conflict began, they were told that their entire tribe should worship the same god, the Hindu god. A few believers took a stand and professed openly that they would only worship Jesus, the one true God. And they paid a huge price…

Many months have passed since the initial attacks, yet countless families still live in relief camps, struggling with the loss of their livelihoods and battling to meet their basic needs. It will take $250 per family to provide materials to repair their homes.

Will you give generously today, as a faith-filled partner, to restore their hope of a future? 

Believers are desperate for a place to meet together, as they cannot worship in the government-established relief camps. For now, they gather in homes to pray and study the Bible in secret. Pastor Zahir asks, “Please pray for protection over us and that our spiritual lives may be rebuilt.”

For those who have returned to their shattered villages, the situation is equally dire. They lack access to essential amenities such as food, household items, and medicine. The most vulnerable among them—women, children, and the sick—suffer the most.

Your giving will serve as a lifeline, directly addressing the urgent needs of believers displaced by persecution. With your generous support, we will provide:

  • food and essential items 
  • basic cooking utensils, like aluminum pots, plates, cups, and spoons 
  • funds for the repair and reconstruction of homes and churches

Together, we can offer hope and healing to those who have endured unimaginable hardship. 

The need for rehabilitation is overwhelming, but equally crucial is the need for the violence to end. Please join us as we pray for peace between these communities. 

Thank you, friend, for your generosity and compassion that can truly make a world of difference to these Christians who have resolutely declared:

P.S. By giving today, you are not only offering financial assistance, but also standing as a partner in Eurasia’s Big Dream to see a church-planting movement among every people group in Eurasia.