Water Filters for the Arab World

May 2022 Faces Eurasia

Dear Friend,

Destruction and disappointment are Fatima’s daily life. She struggles to support her eight children, surrounded by spiritual darkness in Yemen. Fatima and her family have never heard the truth about Jesus.

Her Muslim village is surrounded by the Houthi rebels, a militant Shiite sect,
who have instigated civil war in her country for the last 10 years. Yemen has suffered more destruction than any country in the Arab World.

Can you imagine the uphill battle she fights to survive in the devastation of
her war-torn country without the hope of Jesus?

But a life-changing moment is right around the corner…

Jesus-followers in the Arab World are embarking on an amazing opportunity to gain access to Muslim homes by providing CLEAN WATER!

The church in Yemen, more than 3,000 believers, functions entirely underground. Compelled to spread the hope of Jesus Christ in their community, they have organized themselves to engage in compassion ministry for those who have lost income and shelter since the war began. Clean water is another avenue to gain access to Muslim homes and share the gospel to families like Fatima’s.

Fatima’s aunt, a Muslim background believer, joined this initiative to bring clean water to her family and friends. Fatima jumped at the chance to have safe drinking water for her family. Soon after, her aunt and a team of other believers came to install a small water filter onto the bucket where they store their water. Her heart was overjoyed at this amazing gift!

But the life-changing gift was not the water filter. The team shared about the transformative love of Jesus, who offers the water of eternal life.

With YOUR support, believers in Yemen, Iraq and Syria will be equipped to install water filters in the homes of their Muslim neighbors. This creates an open door to share how Jesus provides eternal, living water.

“Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” — John 4:13-14

The water filter is a small, straightforward device that can be drilled into the side of a bucket to create a tap or installed onto a faucet, if running water is available. Even if families have access to running water, it’s often cloudy and dangerous to consume. The filter technology mimics the material used in heart surgery to filter out harmful bacteria. Each filter is very durable, requires minimal maintenance and will last at least five years.

Once installed, this team of believers will return in one month to check on the filter and ensure a second opportunity to share the gospel with their Muslim neighbors. What a phenomenal chance to see the Holy Spirit work!

With an investment of $1,000, we can:

  • purchase filters
  • train a team of believers
  • install water filters in 40 Muslim homes
  • influence an entire community for Christ!

You could help change the lives of so many families with your support. Even just $25 will fund clean water for one household.

Through this compassion initiative, God can open the hearts of Muslims and let His living water quench their thirsty souls. The idea is simple, but the life-changing results will be eternal.

More than 90% of Christians have fled Iraq. The remaining Iraqi believers feel the weight of the task to reach their Muslim friends and neighbors. Giving clean water paves the way to tell neighbors, like Zaid, about Jesus.

Zaid’s family was tragically murdered when the Sunni Muslim terrorists raided his city a few months ago. Stricken with grief, Zaid fled to Bagdad as a Shiite Muslim refugee all alone. He fights depression and hopelessness, wondering how he will survive.

Can you imagine facing such overwhelming grief and trauma without the
hope of Jesus?

Zaid’s neighbor, who is a Christ-follower, offered him the opportunity to have
safe drinking water in his home. He was desperate for clean water and open to a new relationship with this neighbor, so he agreed. When the team of believers came to Zaid’s home, they brought warm friendship and shared of grace and comfort through Jesus Christ, in addition to installing a water filter.

Communities will be forever changed through these encounters,
but we can’t do it without your help!

Yemen, Iraq and Syria are the pilot projects for the Water of Life ministry,
and your gift will launch the programs in these countries. Help us equip the indigenous believers to share the Word of God in their communities!

Are you willing to give generously to provide clean water as a tangible representation of Christ’s love and open the door for this NEW ministry?

It takes just $25 to reach one home — can you picture the transformative
impact $500 could have in one community?

Thank you for your love towards the Muslim families in these war-torn countries. God bless you for advancing the gospel. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

P.S.   Your gift will help launch an initiative that opens physical doors for believers to share the Good News with their Muslim neighbors.

Thank you for helping us offer clean water and the living water of Jesus Christ to Yemen, Iraq and Syria!

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