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Dear Friend,

Four years. Four seemingly endless years.

That’s how long it would take to translate the Full Life Study Bible, known internationally as the Fire Bible, from English to Nepali.

Even then, you would need two translators. One person working alone couldn’t possibly do it.

But when Udgam heard about it, he immediately applied for the translation assignment and said he would do it all, himself. He is a bi-lingual Nepali man who had received the English-language Fire Bible years ago.

It so revolutionized his walk with God — so opened his eyes to the truth of the Gospel and the power of the Holy Spirit — he knew he had to get this Bible for all Nepal!

And by himself, Udgam did the work of two translators, in half the time it would normally take, and he did an amazingly accurate job —

All so he could see the Nepali-language Fire Bible bringing the hope of salvation to his people!

And that hope is so desperately needed in Nepal:

» The nation is 86% Hindu, 8% Buddhist, and less than 2% Christian.

» Ancient animistic religion also thrives among ethnically indigenous Nepali — witches, ghosts, and angry spirits are said to inflict illness and suffering.

» Nepal is one of the least developed nations in the world — and the series of deadly earthquakes that hit in 2015 destroyed infrastructure and halted economic development — some areas have not yet recovered.

» A traditional caste system similar to that in India relegated multitudes to low status, no education, the worst jobs — there are even “untouchables” who suffer routine discrimination and violent abuse despite laws against such oppression.

» The government of Nepal has instituted “anti-conversion laws” that make it illegal for anyone to leave the religion they were born into! This virtually traps people into remaining in hopelessness and spiritual darkness.

Nevertheless, the Holy Spirit is doing a great work among the believers of Nepal, who are reaching out to their nation with the Good News! Although a relatively small segment of the population, there are pastors and church planters who share the truth and bring hope.

The first printing of the Nepali Fire Bible saw 7,000 copies of this Full Life Study Bible distributed among Christian leaders, and the response was overwhelming!

» “I cannot begin to express my joy!”

» “This Bible is very, very helpful!”

» “I’m very thankful to have this Bible.”

The Fire Bible is especially helpful to pastors and church planters because some of them are new believers themselves, and it helps them learn as they are teaching. In addition, many Christians there are not extremely well educated — and the Fire Bible contains not only the wonderfully easy-to-read Nepali translation of the Scriptures …

It’s also packed with articles, charts, maps, and more to help believers understand the Word, the Gospel message, and walking in the power of the Holy Spirit. They can then impart those concepts to the people they’re reaching and discipling.

The original vision to get the Fire Bible to Udgam’s people began to be fulfilled with that first printing of 7,000 Bibles …

… and since the Christian leaders who were privileged enough to receive them have begun using them in evangelism and discipleship, the Nepali people are clamoring for more.

As you read these words, 10,000 more pastors and laypeople are pleading for Bibles — so I’m praying YOU will help.

It takes just $9 to provide a Fire Bible for a Nepali Christian. And these Bibles will become amazing evangelism tools in the hands of local believers!

» Maybe you can give $9 for one Bible, $90 for 10, $900 for 100, or $9,000 for 1,000 … Whatever the Lord enables you to do, please give today. We want to get these 10,000 Bibles into Nepal as quickly as we can.

» Please also PRAY. Pray for each person who will receive one of the Bibles you provide, and pray for your Christian brothers and sisters in Nepal. There is fierce opposition to the Gospel, and your prayers make a difference.

Nepali people are just waiting for God’s Word — and you can give it to them in their own language … delivered by pastors and church planters who are empowered by the Holy Spirit for evangelism in their nation.

This God-given vision and Udgam’s devotion made possible the Nepali translation of the Fire Bible.

Thank you for doing your best at this pivotal moment for Nepal. The Holy Spirit is moving, and you and I, together, are part of it. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

P.S. Just $9 to get a powerful Pentecostal study Bible into the hands of a Nepali Christian or seeker. Please help reach as many as you can. Thank you!

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