It’s too late for me … But please, save my daughter…

May 2018 Faces Eurasia

She’s fighting back her own tears as her weeping child clings to her …

The little one doesn’t know her mother is only trying to do what’s best for her — to get her out of harm’s way and give her the only foreseeable hope for her future —

“It’s too late for me,” whispers the desperate mother, a beaten woman who has been trafficked into India’s infamous brothels and cannot escape …

“But please, save my child.”

She’s trying to get her little girl placed in the residential home in New Delhi, where the children of prostitutes can escape the sex trade, find hope, healing, and the love of the Lord Jesus.

Because she knows, if she keeps her daughter with her, by the time the child reaches puberty, she, too, will be forced into the sex trade.

It’s a heart-breaking situation … a 700-year-old street of 55 brothels where women are trapped — bought and sold — and their children are turned into prostitutes before their eyes.

It’s called GB Road. There’s a train station nearby, making daily deliveries of young girls — the average age is 14 — who have often been duped into thinking they’re coming to the city to begin their new lives as young brides.

Instead they’re shuffled off the train, out the back door of the train station, and into the waiting arms of the brothel owners and managers. The girls are sold into this nightmare and are forced to pay their way out of it in unspeakable ways … by selling their bodies. They become modern-day indentured servants, working in the sex trade for years to pay off their “debt.”

The work shatters their hearts and deadens their souls.

But even so, they are women … they become mothers … and they want what’s best for their children. They want to get their children off GB Road.

Right now, with Mother’s Day just ahead, I can’t help but think of these desperate moms, hoping against hope that, somehow, someone will rescue their babies.

And this is why it’s such a privilege to be able to partner with local believers who are making a difference for these women and their families! One of our Faces of Eurasia partners is the first non-profit to own property on GB Road in New Delhi!

Right in the midst of the brothels, now for the very first time thanks to your support, there is an outreach center with Bible studies and prayer meetings — a place women can go for help and direction — offering a health clinic and vocational training, too!

These are priceless resources for women trapped in the sex trade. When they learn how to care for themselves and their children — and how to make a living outside the brothel — they have a viable chance for a new life.

We’re building trust. We’re leading trafficked women to faith in Christ, and helping them grow in the faith. You and I have the unprecedented opportunity to help rescue them from this abominable life.

Further, we’re giving them the one thing they say they desperately want: hope for their children!

With your generosity, Faces of Eurasia also supports a residential home where enslaved women can send their children to get an education, learn about Jesus, and be free from the threat of sex trafficking.

We first began supporting the home in 2010. The children are so thankful for the new chance at life they received, several of them in turn want to go into ministry and help other children escape GB Road.

I think of Uma, a dying woman who had actually been sold to the brothel by her own husband. Living in a crowded and dirty environment, forced to sell her body, she succumbed to a virulent lung disease — but before she passed away, she entrusted her daughter to us, begging …

“Don’t let my daughter come back here. If anything happens to me, keep her safe.”

With your faithful support, we’re keeping Uma’s daughter safe, and showing her the way to a new life in Christ and a future of health and hope.

But there are so many more little girls like her … trapped in the brothelsdestined to be forced into prostitution.

For them, and for their little brothers, too, we need to help expand the residential home, and the facilities of the outreach center on GB Road.

In consideration of mothers like Uma … who was betrayed by the man she loved into a life of horror she couldn’t escape … will you please consider a Mother’s Day gift to help Faces of Eurasia, in New Delhi, and everywhere we’re sharing the love of Christ?

Your most generous gift right now may mean life and hope for the next child whose mother is pleading … “It’s too late for me. But please, save my child.”

Use the enclosed form to give a Mother’s Day gift that will mean the world to the next Uma … the next mother who wants to know her child is safe and will have hope in Christ. Thank you!

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