Dmitry smashed his unopened bottle of vodka on the ground and climbed the steps of  the city hall. An alcoholic, Dmitry was estranged from his wife and children. He had heard of a Christian outreach taking place in the hall that icy evening in his city of Berdsk, Siberia. With no hope and no dignity, he entered the building. He had nothing left to  lose.

At the outreach, he heard the message of salvation for the first time—and he accepted it. Dmitry left the hall a changed man. God began to deliver him from alcoholism, and his addiction to liquor was replaced by a hunger for God’s  Word.

One night, one outreach, changed Dmitry’s life. And it not only changed his life; it changed    the lives of many others in Berdsk, Siberia!

This is not a story from Siberia’s ancient past; it happened only a few months  ago!

Most outreach attendees were those neglected by society—the poor, the disabled, the orphans, the widows—and everyone received Bibles. In all, over 2500 Bibles were given away by the outreach team. That means 2.5% of the population of Berdsk now has the Word of God!

Berdsk is a city of 100,000 people—and no evangelical church. This outreach was the first time that the gospel had been shared at a mass gathering in Berdsk!

“Outreaches are the beginning of church planting in Russia,” explains Andy Raatz, AGWM missionary to Russia. Russian pastors and our AGWM missionaries want to bring outreaches like this to ten more unreached cities in the Komi Republic of Russia! In this way, they are planting the church in Russia where it does not yet exist!

But more outreaches of such a scale can only be accomplished through unity—unity between the Russian church and supporters like you: for as little as $15, you can help bring this type of outreach to 10 more cities in Komi, Russia.

Your gift of $15 covers the cost of items crucial for outreach to cities in Komi, Russia: Russian Bibles, food packets for needy families, school supplies and  more.

The outreaches consist of a series of events relevant to all ages—and all events end with gospel proclamation. The outreach in Berdsk featured a soccer tournament, children’s activities, and concerts, all leading up  to a presentation of the gospel and Scripture distribution. “We’re using creative ways to access the community,” Andy Raatz  explains.

rdphoto10Together, we can provide crucial outreach elements for as little as $15 so a team in Komi, Russia can share the gospel!

Without financial help from donors, the funds for these ten outreaches would take years to accumulate. Will you partner with us and with Russian pastors in their God-given mission to transform Komi together with them—much faster than they could on their  own?

While just $15 provides necessary elements of each outreach, the total cost for each outreach is $10,000. Will you or your church consider adopting a community in Komi by providing total costs for an outreach?

I’d like to share one more story with you of how the outreach impacted  Berdsk.

In Berdsk’s government facilities like a city hall, people are not allowed to speak about God from the platform. Yet after much prayer, the pastors leading the outreach felt they needed to take that risk in this unreached city.

One night, the mayor of Berdsk, who is not a believer, attended the outreach and heard the pastors speak about God. Instead of silencing them, he was so impressed with the outreach that he ordered the city administration to continue cooperating with these Christians. He officially gave the main square of the city to the pastors for one night to hand out Bibles and preach the gospel!

Hearts are open now to the gospel in Russia! Russia’s openness is unprecedented, and we do not know how long it will last. Regions once so cold and closed are warming to the love of Jesus as outreaches meet people’s needs—not only physically but  spiritually.

Will you stand in unity with Russian pastors to change ten more communities like Berdsk?

Will you consider a gift of $15, $150, $1500, or $10,000 to bring an outreach to hundreds of thousands more people like Dmitry?

Thank you for your faithful giving and intercession for the lost of  Eurasia.

P.S. Outreaches are the first step to planting the church where it does not yet exist in Russia. Faces of Eurasia is partnering with Russian pastors to bring outreaches to 10 unreached cities in Komi, Russia, transforming the lives of people like Dmitry. Your gift of $15 will help provide materials necessary for outreaches, including Bibles and food packets. Will you prayerfully consider giving to plant the church in Russia in this way?

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