Dear Friend of Eurasia,

You would think it’s a ghost town.

Overturned military tanks rest in barricaded mine yards along the roadside. Winter winds blow through curtains in the paneless windows of homes without electricity and running water. Schools sit empty and bombed railway bridges bury into the ground.

This is daily life for millions of people in the villages of Eastern Ukraine. The country’s political upheaval of 2013—known as Euromaidan—set off a war which continues today, devastating Ukraine’s families and communities.

“Many in the war zone have no means of support,” Paul and Christine Pierquet, AGWM missionaries in Ukraine, tell me. Food, heat, and healthcare have become luxuries that many go without.

Yet the Paul and Christine see this with spiritual eyes: “This has given the Church a great opportunity to provide humanitarian aid and the hope of the gospel.”  

            To that end, the Pierquets, the pastors of of International Christian Assembly (ICA) in Kyiv, Ukraine have partnered with Ukrainian churches to mobilize and send out church planters across the country and finding the masses not only physically hungry but spiritually hungry as well.

            Ukrainian church planters know this firsthand.

ICA Kyiv sends church planters to a missions training school and then out into war-torn villages, bringing humanitarian aid. Upon arriving, they find people eager to hear any message of hope. When they tell villagers about Christ, the people gladly respond.

So far, Ukrainian church planters have planted ELEVEN CHURCHES IN UKRAINIAN WAR ZONES!

Now, more than ever before, Ukrainians are receptive to the good news of Jesus!

“Lives are being changed!” our AGWM missionaries exclaim. “Salvations and discipleship are happening weekly!”

But church planting efforts have now slowed—all because of lack of funding.

Planting one church in Ukraine costs $6,000. This is the cost of a church-planting starter kit created by our AGWM team in Ukraine. It includes all materials needed to plant a church—from Bibles and pastoral training to sound equipment and curriculum.

Purchasing any of the kit’s items—or the entire kit—helps get church-planting teams on the ground and revives new and struggling churches. The kits include Bibles, a sound system, funds for pastoral training and village outreaches, and other materials crucial for ministry.

These kits are vital to planting churches in the war zone and throughout the rest of Ukraine.

The war has slowed funding from within Ukraine. Many churches are currently meeting in homes or severely limited facilities lacking electricity or running water. The flow of humanitarian aid to ailing villages has drastically diminished while the needs remain high.

Today, there are Ukrainians who have finished Bible school and are longing to be a part of a church-planting team but have no funding to join.

Ukrainians like Benjamin.


Benjamin graduated from Kyiv Bible Institute, a college established by the Assemblies of God in Ukraine. A pastor’s son, he has a vision for planting churches. His passion is contagious, and he has already raised up other students as church planters: together they accessed a community through children’s outreaches and planted a church there.

Benjamin’s next goal is to plant a church in Cherkasy, Ukraine—a city of 300,000 people.

Will you help provide Benjamin with a church-planting starter kit to reach the unreached in Cherkasy?

You can be instrumental in helping Benjamin minister to the war-torn regions of his homeland!

Today, Ukrainians have an unprecedented openness to the gospel. We want to partner with Benjamin and other church planters who know that Ukraine’s harvest is ripe. Will you help plant churches in Eastern Ukraine?


For a church plant to succeed, it needs sufficient funding, a committed team, thorough training—and most importantly, prayer. Whether or not you can give to plant churches in Ukraine, will you commit to pray for Ukrainian church-planting teams and the hundreds of war-torn villages in Ukraine that are desperate for hope?

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