Eurasia 1000: God’s Moment!

This is the moment …

God’s moment for 1.9 BILLION unreached souls — YOUR moment to step up and help share the Good News with the many nations of Eurasia!

I’ve enclosed a newsletter that gives you a great update on how your partnership and support are accomplishing wonderful work for the Kingdom. I praise God for this … and I thank Him for you and your faithfulness and prayers.

Right now, our God-given vision is expanding, for the sake of 1.9 billion unreached people, all across Eurasia — many of them Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and others in desperate need. For them, this is the moment we launch:

     EURASIA 1000

It’s our vision to see 1,000 Gospel workers on the field in Eurasia by the year 2023. Imagine the impact!

» Traditional methods of evangelism are impossible in much of Eurasia because of cultural or governmental restrictions (many regions are part of the Islamic world).

» In response to the challenges, missionaries are finding other opportunities to establish a presence — even in business.

» National fellowships are catching a vision for the lost of their nations and setting goals for church planting in unreached areas.

As a result, teams of believers are sharing the Gospel among people groups that have never heard the name of Jesus. Even in areas where access to the Gospel is severely limited, God is opening doors to reach those who are spiritually seeking!

Let’s keep this great move of the Spirit alive with at least 1,000 workers in Eurasia. The newsletter tells you more — and shows how you can help by praying, supporting the workers, following our blog and sharing it with your friends, and more.

Right now I am asking you to step up with a generous gift for Eurasia 1000, a vision that can impact 1.9 billion lost souls in Eurasia … a vision whose moment has come. It’s your moment, too!

How will you respond? Please pray and ask God what you should do — then give generously as He leads you. This is our time to reach out in an area that is home to 75% of the world’s population, yet where millions are unreached by the Gospel.

Please stand with us in this historic moment as we go into Eurasia to preach the Gospel and baptize people in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Thank you! God bless you!

P.S. Your gift will help send workers in Eurasia as part of the Eurasia 1000 vision and also support all our ministry together to the 1.9 billion unreached people in this vast region.