You’ve been praying for them — Now the door is open!

March 2019 Faces Eurasia

If I told you who was asking for Bibles, you would be shocked —

It’s a majority-Muslim nation that has previously been closed to us — a place where Christians are at risk and there’s fierce opposition to the Gospel.

Nevertheless, the Holy Spirit is at work. Muslims here are looking for hope, and they’re willing to take the risk of learning about Jesus …

And Christians inside this restricted region have now cleared the way for us to deliver a container of 13,000 Arabic-language Bibles!

A container full of HOPE!

This is an amazing breakthrough … it means our partners will be able to place Bibles into the hands of Muslim seekers as part of critical church-planting efforts.

And you’re not sending just “any Bible.”

These are the beautiful Sharif Bibles. A modern-day Arabic translation of the Scriptures that faithfully brings to life the biblical narrative — a translation direct from the Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic of Bible times.

Before the Sharif Bible, the only Bibles available for Arabic-speaking people were written in ancient and archaic language that was very difficult for them to comprehend.

But the Sharif Bible is easy to read and understand. And it works great for readers in any region of Eurasia who speak and read Arabic. It is the clearest translation of the Scriptures we can possibly give them.

And what a difference it makes for Muslim people to be able to read the Scriptures in their own heart language. Here are just some of the things people are saying about it:

»     “The Sharif Bible is a blessing to the people of our country! It speaks God’s Word directly to the heart. Send us more!” —Samer

»     “We need the Sharif Arabic Bible today. It’s a powerful tool in our part of the world.” —Pastor J.

»     “The Sharif Bible is an amazing translation! Clear and simple. It communicates in such a powerful way!” —Qays, a Muslim reader

Just think: Qays, who is still a Muslim, praises this Bible for communicating in a powerful way. God is working in his heart already!

And this is the other key:

These 13,000 Bibles will go into this restricted region and be distributed through the hands of national church-planters. The Bible will be an immense evangelism tool in itself … but coupled with local church-planters, it will make a tremendous impact!

I am praying you will want to be part of this exciting breakthrough for a difficult and highly sensitive region of Eurasia. For security reasons, I cannot give you the name of the nation, but it is a majority-Muslim area …

Where God’s Word is desperately needed!

It takes just $6 to provide a Sharif Bible for a Muslim seeker — and thousands are seeking right now. There’s a great hunger for peace and hope outside Islam … God is clearly at work! YOU can be the one to show Muslims the way to new life in Christ.

»    Whether you can give $6 for one Bible, $60 for 10, or $600 for 100 … please pray about giving something.

»    Please also pray for the safety of your Faces of Eurasia partners who will share the Bibles with Muslims …

»    And pray for the Muslims who will receive the Bibles as well.

»    Your prayers and faithful partnership will make a dramatic impact.

How many Muslims will you reach today with the Good News about Jesus?

You can give them God’s Word in their own language, in a vernacular they understand … delivered by ministry workers who can plant new churches or direct new believers to existing churches for ongoing discipleship.

And don’t forget:

This shipment of 13,000 Bibles is going to a nation where there’s intense persecution of Christians and fierce opposition to the Gospel. But you will be there proclaiming the Good News, through every page of the Sharif Bible. Thank you for doing your best at a critical moment!

P.S.     This open door to a majority-Muslim region that has previously been closed to us is amazing! I thank the Lord for it, and I am praying we will be able to walk through it together. Whatever He leads you to give today will make an eternity-shaping difference for Muslims who are waiting to receive the Good News.

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