The cross saved his life

It’s a dangerous, hopeless place — a city ravaged by war, devastated by terrorism, where mere survival is a struggle.

One young man felt such tremendous desperation — he was about to commit suicide —

But then, in a city where the Christian population has been decimated and radical Islam has taken root, he looked up and saw the most unlikely thing:

A lighted cross atop a church.

He was standing on a bridge — about to throw himself off — but when he saw the cross, he heard a voice telling him to go to the church, to seek help … and hope.

A life was saved because you helped keep the cross raised over Basra, Iraq. This is an amazing miracle — especially considering the stark reality of Basra. Once a city famous for its cultural diversity and the harmony of Christians and Muslims living side-by-side, today Basra is a tragedy.

It was attacked by ISIS and brutalized by non-stop war for decades — now ISIS has been driven back, but other fundamentalist groups are still agitating for the destruction of Basra’s Christian population.

»   90% of the Christian population has fled Basra since 2003.

»   Those who remain face constant persecution.

»   New believers face unspeakable brutality: robbery, rape, torture, even murder.

»   Yet they stay, and reach out to their Muslim neighbors with God’s love.

They raise the cross over their city because they believe resurrection is possible.

And YOU are right there with them this Easter, raising the cross of the Lord Jesus over Basra, through your prayers, and your faithful partnership with Faces of Eurasia. You are sharing the Easter story!

Together we will share the message of salvation and forever change the lives of people in Basra. We’re working hard to plant churches — to see a RESURRECTION of new life in Christ in this devastated city.

We are mobilizing a church planting team to Basra this year. The next church we plant here will bring about more miracles of resurrection — like the one that saved the life of a suicidal young Muslim.

Please consider how you can raise the cross once again over Basra. Your most generous gift today will help our church planting team share Christ with Muslim people, provide discipleship for new believers, and plant more churches across Iraq.

What a beautiful gift this Easter season! Your gift to bring hope to Iraq will honor Christ and His sacrifice for us … You’ll be sharing his love, grace, and forgiveness at a critical moment.

Please respond today. On behalf of the hopeless — who will soon receive the light of Christ — I thank you.

P.S.     The Lord used the cross on top of one of the few remaining churches in Basra to save a young man’s life! Think how He will use your gift to save thousands more


Iraq’s indigenous Christians have been fleeing Islamic terrorism since 2003, and few remain.

  • Pray for the Christian families left in Basra — they face persecution, robbery, and assault. Pray for their safety.
  • Pray for Muslims in Basra to return to ways of peaceful coexistence with their Christian neighbors and others.
  • Pray for revival in Basra as we work together to plant churches and share the Good News.