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Dear Friend of Eurasia,

In the short time Larry Smith had been serving in Bangladesh, people had come to him asking for a variety of things. But one man made a request that left him in shock.

“Brother, take my child.”

The desperation in the man’s voice was obvious. He wanted the best for his child, but he had no way to provide what was needed.

Unfortunately, neither did Larry.

The man walked dejectedly from Larry’s office that day. Larry never knew what happened to him or his child, but that brief encounter set a course for Larry’s life and ministry.

“I told God if my wife, Sharon, and I ever had another chance to help children, we would,” he now recalls.

Within a few months God provided funds to purchase a small, two-room facility where 16 children discovered the meaning of “home.” That was 26 years ago.

Since then, through the faithful work of the Smiths and the faithful gifts from a host of people, the home has expanded. Today 115 children are finding love, acceptance, and the chance to thrive at Home of Hope.

“Our goal has never been simply to take in children,” Larry says. “We provide a home, godly mentors, nutrition, medical aid, education and training in life skills, and—most importantly—an environment where children can grow in God.”

Bangladesh is a country of 170 million people—more than half the population of the United States—living in an area roughly the size of Arkansas. One-third of that number—nearly 60 million—are under the age of 15. These children are the first to suffer the consequences of the extreme poverty that pervades the nation.

“Many children are forced into prostitution, or they are sold during their preteen or early teen years,” Larry says. “Our goal is to take these children into the home before they fall into such horrible situations.”

Two girls—Chandni* and Disha—faced this type of uncertain future after the death of their father. The girls’ mother feared that her husband’s family might sell her daughters as a means of income, so she ran away with them to her sister’s house. The sister knew about the Home of Hope and contacted the Smiths. The girls now live in safety with a new “family” that will protect and nurture them.

As you would expect, providing for the needs of 115 growing children is a challenge. Upkeep on the Home of Hope facilities is a never-ending task. But the Smiths keep pressing forward.

Even after 26 years, circumstances often trigger the memory of Larry’s promise to God to help the children who cross his path.

“Just a couple of weeks ago, a mother came for an interview to place her daughter, Arpita, at Home of Hope,” Larry says. “Every time Arpita tried to answer our questions, her mother interrupted and answered for her. As they left the room, the mother began beating Arpita because she thought the girl had spoken poorly.”

Larry pauses and adds, “We took that little girl.”

Only $65 provides one child’s needs for a month. To provide for a child for an entire year is just $780. Currently 50 children at the home are not supported, but the Smiths continue in faith, believing God will provide.

Would you consider helping to meet this need by covering a child’s expenses at Home of Hope for one month? One year?

Other needs at the home include three clothes dryers at $750 each, security fencing around the property for $4,500, $3,000 for a drainage system around the home and surrounding property, and $1,200 for security lights around the home.

Please prayerfully consider how you can help give a child like Chandni, Disha and Arpita a “home of hope” where they can grow and learn about their Heavenly Father and His plan for their lives.

*All children’s names changed Yours for Bangladesh,

P.S. Last year Home of Hope celebrated its 25th anniversary. Hundreds of former residents and their guests gathered to honor the home and its impact on their lives. Several young adults also have volunteered to assist “their home” and help raise support for it.

You can have a role in continuing Home of Hope’s impact for God in Bangladesh. Please give generously to this ministry and pray for God’s continued blessing and provision for both the Home of Hope property and the children living there.

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