A revival among Muslims is happening now!

Hundreds of Muslims are converting to Christ. Part of the fire that is fueling this revival is the Word of God in the form that every Arabic-speaking Muslim can understand the Sharif Bible.

Numerous officials in the Middle East have received a Sharif Bible. One woman who read it announced: “I can understand this! I can read this!For the first time in her life, she understood a holy  book written in the simple Arabic she speaks.

Between Sharif Bibles and Sharif New Testaments, over 1.7 million copies are in print. The Sharif is proving to be a very effective tool for evangelizing Arab Muslims around the world!

Sobhi and Jeri Malek, Assemblies of God missionaries and founders of the International Sharif Bible Society, were serving in North Africa when they discovered that the only available Arabic Bible was largely incomprehensible to Arab Muslims. It used archaic Arabic and ethnic Christian expressions, roughly equivalent to using Shakespearean language to introduce today’s English speakers to faith in Christ!

Sobhi Malek, assisted by a team of world-class linguists and Bible consultants, worked diligently for 25 years to translate the Bible into modern, standard Arabic that Muslims understand. The Arabic word sharif  means holy, honorable, and noble. (See enclosure for a picture of a Sharif Bible!)


The desire for God’s Word is so high among Muslims right now that the Sharif Bible Society struggles to keep up with the demand!

Will you help send more Bibles to Muslims, so that they too can read the words of Jesus?

Each Sharif Bible costs $8 and the New Testament costs only $1.20!

Workers on the ground testify to the rapid spread of faith in Christ among Muslims who are reading  this Bible in modern Arabic.

The Sharif Bible is touching lives now!

A former Muslim, saved through reading the Sharif Bible, now regularly teaches the Bible to hundreds of converted Muslims, many of whom need their own Bible to be able to study on their own.

Recently, in a Middle Eastern city, some of our workers met with Muslim converts to Christ, all leaders in their communities. They told about the great revival going on in their part of the world.

I cannot share all of their stories with you because of security issues, but these leaders represent over 15,000 Muslim converts who have come to Christ thanks to the Sharif Bible.

Because caring people generously gave a gift of $8, $80 or $800 for Bibles, thousands of Muslims have received the Word of God.

But there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world today! So many lives remain untouched by the hope and truth in God’s Word, the Bible.

Will you partner with us as to help the Sharif Bible Society ship a container filled with 30,000 copies of Scripture?

The Sharif Bible Society sends God’s Word literally all over the world—but they depend on the generous support of friends like you to fund these much-needed resources.

Will you supply $8, $80 or $800 so that the Sharif Bible Society can continue printing Scriptures for the many Muslims who are sincerely seeking Jesus?

Thousands of Sharif Bibles and New Testaments have been distributed in the last two years in the Middle East and in Europe in response to the recent influx of Arab refugees.

The stream of immigrants to Europe and the revival in the Middle East—these are not accidents,” my Sharif Bible Society friend told me. “They are indications from the Lord of the urgency of the times.”

Another worker reports, “Recently, I gave a Sharif Bible to a leading imam (a Muslim leader) in a Middle Eastern country. Afterwards I met with him four times, and each time, he wanted to talk about the Sharif Bible. He tells me he daily reads it carefully and says he is amazed at how clear, easy-to-read, and accurate it is.”

Now, in the midst of revival, the demand is high. Will you partner with us to fill an entire shipping container with Sharif Bibles?

Just $8 provides one copy of the Sharif Bible. One Bible at a time, we can provide the Bread of Life for Muslims who are hungry for the truth.

Yours for the Muslims of the world,

The Faces of Eurasia Team