Critical Need in India

Last year we were able to provide food for Indian pastors amid the COVID-19 pandemic – because of generous donors like you. But right now COVID cases
in India have skyrocketed beyond belief.

Our workers are witnessing the nightmare of their fellow communities suffering. Funeral pyres are burning 24/7 in parking lots and open fields. Weeping and wailing transcends all other sounds in streets that were once bustling with life.
It is a horrific scene.

With hundreds of new COVID cases a day, oxygen machines are extremely scarce. The death toll is climbing rapidly and is largely due to lack of oxygen. Indians are desperate for a chance to just breathe – something we often take for granted.

We have already lost 17 of our north Indian pastors and members of their families to the virus. Our hearts are heavy. Our prayers are with their loved ones; wives left without husbands and children left without fathers.

The Indian churches have been forced to shut down. For our pastors, the church was their only avenue of income. Many of the church believers provided food for the pastor’s family. Without being able to meet, our pastors are struggling to find food and are now going hungry.

The need is great, but we believe God is able.

Right now, we are focusing all our efforts on oxygen concentrators and monthly food rations, as more than 150,000 destitute pastors’ families and believers await relief.

It takes just $45 to feed one person for one month.

We have secured a way to import and distribute oxygen concentrators that are needed to help save lives. One more oxygen concentrator means one more life that has a fighting chance to overcome the virus.

It takes $700 to provide one oxygen concentrator.

Whatever you can do right now will help pastors and their families stave off starvation and be resourced with oxygen during the COVID crisis in India.

Will you stand with us and our Indian pastors as they fight for their lives?

Your donation goes directly to resourcing our North Indian Assemblies of God team. The oxygen concentrators and food rations have been sourced and are ready to purchase immediately with these funds.

150,000 Indian pastors’ families and local believers are waiting…

We know the insurmountable COVID cases are extending beyond just the pastors in India. Your monthly gift will help as ongoing crisis needs continue to arise.

Areas surrounding India, including Bangladesh and Nepal, are being devastated by the pandemic as well. Your monthly contribution will help us be able to answer these urgent cries and meet other needs.

May God breathe life into those who desperately need His hope during this time. We believe He will work miracles, multiplying funds to provide oxygen to the sick and food to the hungry.

         “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.
Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality.”
– Romans 12:12-13 ESV

P.S.   This is an ongoing crisis with new developments daily. Thank you for
giving generously as we unite and show Christ’s love to our fellow
brothers and sisters in India and beyond.