India Emergency Gift

June 2020 Faces Eurasia

Dear Friend —

The urgent cry came from pastors in northern India — the “graveyard” of missions —

While the Church in the South and East has grown rapidly, the North has been resistant to the Gospel —

Pastors and church-planters struggled against the odds to launch churches that are small and struggling — yet the new believers stood together to support them — until COVID-19 shut down the nation of India!

For months now the poorest people have been unable to work — many are going hungry — pastors in northern India shared what they had with their impoverished congregations and now find themselves, and their families, on the edge of starvation!

Thank God, because friends like you have donated your gifts, we had funds available to help feed these dedicated men and women of God and their families!

But there is an ongoing need. Our goal is to provide food for each pastor and his family for the next two months. Please consider how you can help.

     » It takes just $40 to feed a pastor and family for one month —

     » Just $80 will feed the family for two months —

     » Whatever you can do right now will help them stave off starvation during this global health crisis.

I know COVID-19 has impacted you … I pray you and your family are safe during these hardships.

The struggle has been tremendously difficult for India’s pastors, because they were already living so humbly, and now even that income is cut off. Please give if God has blessed you in these difficult days.

Your donation today will help keep them from going hungry. In addition, there is another important need I want you to consider:

We were able to respond to this emergency immediately because of the gifts of friends like you who target your generosity “where needed most.” Today I’m asking you to ponder a monthly commitment to be used where needed most.

The challenges of the pandemic won’t end with the feeding of the pastors in India. Your monthly gift will help as ongoing crisis needs continue to arise.

In fact, right now we are already contributing to COVID-19 relief efforts in Egypt, Israel, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka — and we’ve had requests for aid from Bangladesh and Nepal.

Your monthly contribution will help us be able to answer these urgent cries and meet other needs.

Thank you for considering a monthly gift — and please, whether you can make a recurring commitment or not, respond generously today to help India’s pastors. Every $40 will feed a family for a month.

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