A child doomed to hopelessness — Until you reached out to her!

June 2018 Faces Eurasia

If her stepfather had his way, a little girl named Ishrat would have just disappeared.

She was the child of his wife’s first marriage … they had children of their own now, and he begrudged Ishrat her place in his home.

That would be bad enough in the USA where school is mandatory and the rights of children are more protected …

But Ishrat’s home nation of Bangladesh is a country where daughters are often

considered expendable — and stepdaughters? Ishrat’s family wouldn’t send her to school … her stepfather would probably marry her off as soon as he could …

Her future seemed hopeless.

Thank God for a friend like you who stepped in to replace that hopelessness with a hope in Christ and a brighter future than Ishrat had ever dared to dream of.

Ishrat enrolled in a life changing center which operates an after school program in Bangladesh,  supported by partners like you through Faces of Eurasia.

She began attending the center when she was just a small child. Her stepfather didn’t want her at home, but here she found her place — the place where she was wanted, loved, and guided toward a better future.

This center offers impoverished girls the things they most desperately need: clean drinking water, a daily nutritious meal, lessons on health and hygiene, a safe and sanitary place to shower —

And we make sure each girl is enrolled in school and able to get help with her homework so she can stay in school — an education is critical to the future of Bangladesh where girls rarely have opportunity.

We also introduce the girls to God’s love. Many of them come from homes where they have never before heard the Good News — and many choose to embrace God’s life changing plan for their lives.

Ishrat was among those who chose to embrace God’s transformational plan for her life..

Today, nine years after she first came to the center, she is a vibrant young lady and children’s ministry leader in a local church that reaches out to the little ones in the slums … She’s extending the love of Christ that you extended to her — and she’s studying to become a teacher.

A decade ago, when Ishrat was an unwanted stepchild, with a family that cared nothing for her … No one could have imagined a future for her that included joy in Jesus, self-sufficiency, and a deep desire to help others in need.

But this is what you gave Ishrat — through your support of Faces of Eurasia.

Her dramatic transformation simply would not have been possible without this center… and this center would not be here if not for the funding and prayers provided by friends like you.

Ishrat’s story is being repeated in the lives of other Bangladeshi girls … but today there is a cloud on their horizon:

One of the most serious needs they’re facing at the center is for fees to send the girls to school.

The educational system in Bangladesh is a for-profit enterprise — the cost for tuition can fluctuate dramatically … but keeping the girls in school is vitally important to their future.

The center helps pay the tuition for each girl, but right now, because of unexpected hikes in school fees, they’re facing an unbudgeted need of $1,368 for each student. This amounts to about $26 a week for tuition — or $114 for a month.

And of course, this is not the center’s only need — only the most urgent. Today, I’m inviting you to invest in the lives of girls like Ishrat … who have been rescued from hopelessness, prejudice, and darkness and placed on the path to new life!

Your generous contribution will help them, and also share the love of God with people throughout the region through the other programs supported by Faces of Eurasia. Please pray about giving your best possible gift … for the girls … for the future … for the sake of the Gospel.

And remember: with your gift, you aren’t just giving these little ones a meal, clean water, and an education … as important as those things are.

You’re also giving them the Good News.

They are going to grow up and become the mothers and teachers and influencers of their nation … but if we do not share the Good News, holistically and compassionately, we leave the door open for desperation to fester and spread… snatching hope from the lives of girls like Ishrat and the whole region.

The light of Christ is so desperately needed. Whatever you can do today will make a destiny-changing impact. Thank you for your partnership!

P.S.     It’s hard to imagine growing up as an unwanted child … but then even worse to imagine being an unwanted girl child in a nation that undervalues girls. We can give these girls a chance, a chance to know the love of Jesus and find their true hope in Him. Thanks for giving from the heart today to help make this possible.

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