See the impact you’re making: 2023 Update

Three-year-old Josiah came running from his room clenching some coins and a dollar bill in his little hands. He held them up with open palms to a missionary visiting his family’s home. “I give my money!” he said.

At their church, the missionary shared the need for Pashto Bibles in Pakistan. She told them this was the first time Pashtun people had a Bible they could read. His eyes opened wide when he heard this was the first time they would learn about Jesus.

She said, “Pakistani believers have given more than 1,500 Bibles to their Muslim neighbors in a few days, and they are eager for as many Bibles as they can get.” Josiah emptied his piggybank and was overjoyed to do his part.

This simple gift from the heart of a child will impact eternity.

Generous partners, like you and Josiah — from the youngest to the oldest, have given more than $950,000 to Faces of Eurasia projects since our last update in 2020. Because of your gifts, we sent Bibles, met physical needs, provided crisis aid and so much more. Your donations and prayers are taking the Word of God to those who have never experienced His overwhelming grace.

God loves it when the giver delights in the giving. 2 Corinthians 9:7

Below you can read amazing stories and updates on the projects we’ve supported together over the last few years. We thank God for you and your faithfulness to invest in an area that is home to 75% of the world’s population, yet where millions are unreached by the gospel.

As we unite with God’s plan, we’re seeing the Big Dream come to life: to realize a church-planting movement among every people group in Eurasia.

Throughout every region in Eurasia, there are stories of lives changing, families transforming, and generations proclaiming the name of Jesus to their communities. We are helping meet physical needs and light the path of salvation for men, women, and children in Eurasia… but not without your support.

Thank you for being a part of Eurasia Community as we take the gospel to the 1.96 billion people  who have never experienced the life-changing love of God.

2023 Updates

India Children’s Fund

Pastors in India were being forced to choose to stay on the mission field or leave to provide adequate education for their children. Your gifts funded proper education for 1,166 children. This alleviated a huge burden and enabled pastors to give greater focus to their ministry! These children are growing and thriving, and their parents can continue sharing the hope of Jesus with unreached people.

COVID Relief in India

From the initial outbreak of COVID-19 to the second wave in 2021, the virus tore apart families and devastated the economy in India. Together, we sent more than $76,000 to provide relief for Indian churches, helping them bring the hope of Jesus to their communities.

Thank you for giving sacrificially to show Christ’s love to our brothers and sisters in India during the pandemic!

Sri Lanka Soup Kitchens

Thank you for your support of the Soup Kitchen Project! Workers in Sri Lanka told us, “Currently, we are serving more than 2,000 children in 10 different regions of Sri Lanka, and we hope to expand even more.

These kitchens are providing desperately needed meals to children in Sri Lanka. The soup kitchens are also allowing churches which were previously “outcasts” in the communities to experience favor with the people and leaders within their communities. Some are even forming positive relationships with Buddhist leaders!”

Moscow Church Planters

In 2021, Faces of Eurasia donors gave $12,600 to provide support for church-planting teams in Moscow! The first team of graduates from Moscow Missionary Centre launched a new campus of The New Testament Church in 2022. In less than one year, 15 people who were non-believers attended the church and an average of 20 people come to church every Sunday. The team is passionate about impacting their city through evangelism, prayer marches, and community events multiple times each week.

Thirty people attended the Christmas Party event last December and heard about the life-changing love of Jesus — some for the first time!

This year, the Missionary Centre has a new class with passionate young people who desire to get involved into ministry. They plan to plant two more churches with the new graduates this summer. Please keep them in your prayers as they follow where God leads!

Kyrgyzstan Summer Camps

In Kyrgyzstan, a devout Muslim nation, our team members have partnered with local pastors for the last three years to host youth Bible camps. Faces of Eurasia donors gave more than $30,000 to support this ministry. Thanks to your generous gifts, entire families have come to Christ because their children learned about the truth of Jesus at these camps. The team in Kyrgyzstan wanted to share their thanks with you.

“Thank you for giving so that Jesus may be known among all people, everywhere! In Kyrgyzstan and across the Silk Road, pray with us that Jesus will continue to call the little children unto himself. And through these precious children, He may raise up the next generation of His church in Central Eurasia.”

Katowice Refugee Center

The war in Ukraine has changed everything for the children who live there – especially Christmas. Last year, we partnered with the Katowice Refugee Center in Poland and Ukraine Hope in Action to distribute Christmas presents to children in devasted areas of Ukraine. Your generous donations helped send 6000 Christmas boxes and created an opportunity to share the gospel with record numbers of parents and children for the first time. The boxes contained beautiful, illustrated children’s New Testaments and complete Bibles in their language.

“One of the hardest parts of the war for refugees and missionaries alike has been the desire to help Ukraine while being absent. The opportunity to immerse themselves in the process of purchasing, packing and transporting Christmas boxes was life-giving for the residents at the Katowice Refugee Center,” one worker shared.

The Big Dream is bigger than any one of us. Praise God for generous financial partners like you, who are helping bring hope to the hopeless!

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