Pakistanis in need of the Bible

Every day, more than 800 Pashtuns are dying without access to God’s Word in their heart language. Finally, this year the translation of the complete Bible in their most common dialect, “Yusefzai Pashto,” is finished!

Pakistani believers have given more than 1500 Pashto Bibles to their Muslim neighbors in a FEW DAYS! They are eager for as many Bibles as we can send— saying a semi-truck load would be a great start.

God is moving! The Pashtuns are a people group of more than 50 million, geographically divided between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Historically, the Pashtuns have been resistant, and even hostile, toward the gospel…

But we are seeing a shift. Many are becoming disillusioned by the radical Islam that is being thrust upon them. The door is open for the Word of God to change lives, and your gift will pave the way for generations of Pashtuns to know Christ.

After the fall of Afghanistan last year, more than 2 million refugees flooded into Pakistan. Many of the refugees are Pashtun by ethnicity and Afghan by nationality. The violence and tyranny they have experienced from Muslim extremists have caused Pashtuns to question the faith they’ve always trusted.

As a Pashtun Muslim, Fareed was born Afghan and now lives in Pakistan. He was overcome with despair at the tragedy he witnessed as the Taliban reclaimed Afghanistan. Members of his family were stranded, suffering under this oppressive rule. Overwhelmed by hopelessness, he cried, “Where is Allah?!”

Fareed was convinced that Allah had forsaken them, and death was the most reasonable escape from his despair.

Aware of Fareed’s anguish, a Pakistani believer, Abdullah shared the hope of Jesus and gave him a Pashto Bible. Fareed had never heard this truth and was filled with an unexplainable peace as he read the Word of God in his own language.

FINALLY, after planting seeds for centuries, we are seeing the harvest, and Pashtuns are hungry for God’s truth. After years of prayer, the perseverance through persecution is finally producing fruit. Praise God! You can help plant God’s Word in this fertile soil.

An entire Bible can be printed for only $10. Help us send a semi-truck load of Bibles to Pakistan!

Due to local corruption and restrictions, it requires creativity to get Pashto Bibles into the hands of the Muslim background believers. They are eager to have a Bible they can offer to their friends and neighbors in their own language. After so many years, Pashtuns are opening their hearts to the life-changing truth of the living Word—now is the time for Fareed and his family!

Fareed and Abdullah began to meet weekly to read the Bible. The lies of Islam are slowly coming to light as they study Scripture together. Several weeks later, Fareed brought his son, Osama, to their meetings. One day, Osama told Abdullah, “I have heard my father pray every day of my life. And now he is praying in the name of Jesus!”

Christians have been martyred to bring this translation of scripture to completion. Pakistani believers understand the risk they must take to spread the gospel. These followers of Jesus are facing very real danger to share the Good News with their neighbors.

“You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” John 8:32

The boldness of our Pakistani brothers and sisters is inspiring. Seeing their friends and neighbors accept Christ will come at a cost… and they are prepared for the sacrifice! Are you willing to sacrifice with Pakistani believers to make an eternal impact?

The need is great. A semi-truck load of Bibles is a big goal. Your partnership is essential.

Please send what you can today as we honor the work of so many who planted seeds in Pakistan and Afghanistan. You will be a part of this centuries-long mission to reach the Pashtun. Thank you for being generous in bringing the Word to all of God’s people.

P.S.    Your gift will help print Pashto Bibles for as many people as possible. Thank you for helping us reach the Pashtun people with the transformative Word of God for the first time in their language.