God’s Word for Nepal’s Children

Dear Friend,

They don’t learn about the Savior multiplying the loaves and fishes — there’s no singing of “Jesus loves the little children” …

Instead as they’re growing up, they learn about tales of angry spirits and witches!

Most children in Nepal are Hindus — but a strong strain of ancient animistic religion has become syncretized with their Hinduism and infuses tales of hungry ghosts that bring destruction.

It’s a frightening belief system for a child!

• But now there’s a way you and I can help reach into Nepal and provide God’s love for at least 20,000 children!

We have developed an innovative storybook for elementary school children that focuses on the Ten Commandments. It’s called Value Stories, and all indications are that it can be used as part of values education in the public schools!

This book will teach children friendship, faithfulness, truth, love, and so much more — and it will connect them with local churches and ministries that can share the love of Christ with them.

This is an astounding breakthrough for Nepal’s children!

The hope of the Lord Jesus is desperately needed here. The population is 86% Hindu, 8% Buddhist, and less than 2% Christian. Nepal is also one of the least developed nations in the world — and is still trying to recover from devastating earthquakes back in 2015.

One of the biggest obstacles the Church faces in Nepal is represented by so-called anti-conversion laws that make it ILLEGAL for someone to leave the religion they’re born into. This is also part of a brutal caste system that relegates many to being virtual outcasts.

Nevertheless, the Holy Spirit is doing a great work among the believers of Nepal who are reaching out to their nation with the Good News! Although Christians are a relatively small segment of the population, our partner pastors and organizations are making great inroads.

And they believe Value Stories will help them make effective connections with local communities, school systems, and the children themselves.

The storybook itself includes an audio book as well — which makes it perfect even for pre-readers and non-readers.

The book has never before been printed — it is brand-new and, frankly, a game-changer for us because it can help Christians gain access to the public schools.

Today I invite you to be in on the ground-floor of what can be a destiny-shaping outreach to Nepal:

We want to print the book for the first 20,000 children to receive it … You can impact a generation!

Amazingly, it takes just $1 to provide the book for each child!

I am asking you to pray about the most generous gift you can give right now for the children of Nepal. Every single dollar will reach one child — a gift of $20 will reach 20, a gift of $100 will reach 100 …

And each child who receives the book will no doubt share it with other children. Think of the potential multiplied impact!

Whatever the Lord leads you to give will help reach children with the Good News and support our other life-transforming ministry together. Please help today!

Summer is the time when ministries often experience a drop in giving as friends get busy with family and vacation and forget to make their regular donations. Your faithfulness today can help fill in the gap for others.

And remember: every single dollar to provide Value Stories connects a child in Nepal with the truth of God’s Word!

Our partners want the books ready for when the new school year begins in Nepal: April 2020. But this is a brand-new book, and we must prepare and print it in time to be shipped for the start of school. There is no time to lose.

My dear friend, not everyone has your heart for Eurasia (or even knows where it is!). But YOU are part of a select group that cares for these dear souls — Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and others. I thank God for you … and I encourage you: Let’s make a difference today!

God bless you for the great love you have for the children and families of Eurasia. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for your prayers and partnership. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

P.S. THIS IS A BREAKTHROUGH for Nepal — especially for the country’s children! Please be part of this exciting new ministry to the next generation in a needy nation. And thank you in advance for the difference you’ll make.