Spiritual hunger in Muslim lands — You can share the Truth!

He had questions — so many questions!

Thank God, you sent the resources to show him the way to salvation.

Enes came to our Outreach Center in Turkey. A Muslim man, but with a deep spiritual hunger for the truth. He was amazed by the resources available to him — a Turkish-language New Testament, evangelistic and discipleship materials, plus a staff of caring Christians to interact with.

But it’s not easy to follow Jesus in Turkey.

While the government is technically a secular institution, there’s a fierce nationalism that makes Islam the “unofficial” state religion. Christians are oppressed. Muslims who renounce Islam have it even worse —

They can be disowned by their families.
They may lose their jobs and be considered unemployable.
They may even face violence from former friends and families!

Leaving Islam is seen as traitorous.

No wonder Enes didn’t feel free to “convert.” He knew following Jesus could extract a high price in his relationships, his career, his whole future.

Yet still he was hungry for answers — and kept returning to the Outreach Center, eagerly reading all the literature and posing new queries to the staff …Until one day he just knew, he couldn’t hold out anymore.

Enes chose to follow Christ as Savior!

Today, he is one of our faithful volunteers. He continues to grow in his faith, and in the meantime, he shares the available materials with other Muslims who come to the center. He answers their burning questions just as we once answered his!

Thank you for allowing our partners in Turkey to be there for Enes. It made all the difference to his life, and for eternity!

But there are more people like Enes, Turkish seekers who have a strong spiritual hunger and want to learn all they can about Jesus and the plan of salvation

There’s something special about receiving a Bible … the very Word of God, speaking directly to the heart with the Good News of God’s love! Then, we add study materials that illuminate what they’ve been reading and receiving from Scripture … it can change eternity for a Muslim seeker!

But right now we don’t have enough Bibles for everyone who wants them — and we must get Scripture and Gospel literature into their hands right away — NOW, while they are reaching out and searching for the truth!

Thank God, very good Turkish New Testaments, as well as discipleship and study materials are available. And they cost only about $2 each.

This is why I am asking YOU to step up again, and provide the Scriptures for the next seeker like Enes … a person driven by spiritual hunger, with a powerful curiosity to know more about Jesus.

With your gift today, you can put the Word of God into his hands!

As you pray and consider what you can give, I want you to think about the precious Muslim people of Turkey, and how brave they have to be just to reach out and ask for information about Christianity …

» It’s been recently reported that Turkey is among the few nations where persecution of Christians is getting WORSE, not better.

» All Christians in Turkey face employment discrimination. They are second-class citizens.

» And Muslims who become Christians can be subject to divorce and disinheritance — they could literally “lose everything.”

And yet … even with these consequences clearly in mind, they are still willing to take the risk and ask us for a Bible, for an explanation of salvation, for any information that can help them understand who Jesus is and what it means to follow Him.

These dear Muslim people are risking so much because they are so curious, so hungry for the Good News.

We must be there for them! Your gift today will help Faces of Eurasia provide Turkish Bibles and other evangelistic and discipleship materials.

For your convenience, I’ve enclosed two reply forms:

  1. One marked July to use today, to help send Turkish Bibles and get the Scriptures into the seekers’
  2. One marked August to send next month and supply teaching and other discipleship materials to help make the Scriptures come alive!

(Or you can send them both today with your gift for both months, if you prefer.)

Many ministries suffer a decrease in giving in the summer as friends get busy with vacations and activities — and forget to make their regular donations. But with Turkish people just waiting to receive a New Testament of their own … We cannot let a drop in income keep us from reaching them.

Please pray, then give just as generously as you can today to help make up for someone who might forget us this month. Thank you! Your friendship is a treasure. And you are bringing hope to Muslim people who desperately want to meet Jesus!!

JULY- Bibles for Turkish Seekers

AUGUST- Discipleship Materials & More