Their lives are being changed by the power of God’s word!

Across the Arab World, committed missionaries and national believers are engaging with local people to share God’s love in word and deed. They strike up conversations with taxi drivers. They chat with people in conversation classes.

They follow up with inquirers who contact Christian satellite or radio ministries seeking more information.

Much of the time, local people are eager to receive copies of God’s Word. In fact, Christians are often known as “people of the Book.”

The problem is, our workers in the Arab World are finding more interest in Bibles than they have Bibles to share.

Not long ago, a Muslim taxi driver was given a New Testament. This gesture led to further conversation. As a result, the taxi driver received Christ. He is now being discipled by a local Arab believer.

This series of events started with a Bible.

Our workers live in areas where Bibles are often not readily available. In many areas, residents have never met a Jesus follower. They have no reference point for discussing the claims of Christ. Yet they have great reverence for the Scriptures. Other than having missionaries on the ground, providing Bibles and New Testaments to seekers from a Muslim background is the most effective way of doing evangelism.

Right now, Bibles are needed for distribution across the Arab World. Each month 300 Bibles are given away in Morocco. Hundreds of New Testaments are regularly distributed in Jordan and Syria.

Although our workers try to point people to online sites where they can access the Word, many Muslims value physical copies of the Bible and treat them with great care and respect. Giving a Bible to a friend can open up conversations on a deeper level.

One of our workers recently wrote: “A fellow teammate and I have made a wonderful friendship with a university student. Every time we get together, we eat cookies and talk about life. She is not afraid to talk about her religious beliefs, and she listens to us as we share what Jesus has done in our lives. The last time we were together, she told us she had read some of the Bible. ‘It made so much sense when I read it in Arabic,’ she said. We are praying that she will continue to read the Bible and that her desire for truth will grow.”

Right now we have an immediate need for 2,000 Bibles and 10,000 New Testaments—the desire for Scriptures in the Arab World is that desperate! One Bible costs $7. A case of 10 Bibles costs $70. A New Testament costs only $1.50; a case of 100 New Testaments costs $150. Can you help us meet this critical need and provide truth for seeking people in the Arab World?

Ahmed* is one of those people. He met a couple of our team members when he began attending an English center in his city. During a class outing, Ahmed admitted that at first he was leery of attending the center, but he really enjoyed his time there and wanted to know more about what Christians believe. A team member asked if he would like a Bible, and Ahmed enthusiastically said yes!

A few days later Ahmed asked another team member to teach him to pray. Since then the two men have been studying the Book of John together.

What if no Bible had been available to give the taxi driver, or the university student, or Ahmed? Each day our team encounters people who are desperately seeking truth. Won’t you help the “people of the Book” have copies of God’s Word to give to those who are searching?

Each Bible you provide represents the hope of eternal life to a person in the Arab World. Thank you for being as generous as you can.

*Name changed

P.S. For a woman in a desert village of the Arab World, her copy of the Bible is a prized possession. Her husband is not a believer and would be opposed to her having it. So he will not find it, she keeps it buried in the desert sand. Through its pages she finds strength and hope.

You can give a copy of God’s Word to a person in the Arab World for only $7. Ten New Testaments can be purchased for only $15. Please provide as many copies as you can.