Deadline Extended

January 2020 Faces Eurasia

Dear friend,

Thank you to everyone who gave a Christmas gift to get Bibles to Russia — what a wonderful outpouring of love —

We made good progress, but we’re just short of filling the semi truck that’s waiting to deliver the bibles — the need is urgent — and thank God, the deadline to get the Bibles has been extended!

Most Russian families do not own a single Bible. Many have never read or heard even one passage of scripture.

»100,000 towns, villages, and cities across Russia have no Evangelical Church.

»Less than 2% of the population is Evangelical Christian.

»Russia is home to 88 Unreached People Groups.

»The country is home to 25 million Muslims.

This nation needs god’s word, and you can send it please help now. God’s word has the power to transform lives. God help us to not keep it to ourselves!

Rush your best gift back now — every $6 provides a Russian bible! How many people can you reach with God’s word in this nation in desperate need of hope?

P.S. Our Russian partners are pleading for bibles! Please don’t wait! Respond to this urgent need today. Thank you!

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