Reach 1.9 billion unreached people

You can’t count the stars in the sky.

If you could count only the ones visible to you on a clear, dark night, it would be about 2,500.

You cannot count all the unreached people in Eurasia, either, but if you could, the number would be about 1.9 BILLION.

Far, far more than the visible stars in the sky!

Most are Muslims — and frankly, I am impatient to reach them all with the Good News of the Savior. Because every moment they live without the saving knowledge of Jesus is a hopeless moment.

I think about a woman I’ll call Daima, who sadly told our missionary:

“There has never been a single blessing in my life.”

In fact, her life had been a horror show … her father abandoned the family when she was little. Her mother became a prostitute and ran a brothel from their home.

Little Daima was physically and emotionally abused — and was soon forced to sell her body to survive … a life of prostitution seemed better than a life of hunger and deprivation.

But then she met one of the missionaries you support through Faces of Eurasia, a kind young woman who befriended her and invited Daima into her home.

They laughed and cried together … and, for the first time, Daima heard the story of Jesus, the God who loves her as she is …

And today she has committed her life to Christ!

She is finally experiencing a life of blessing … because YOU helped reach out to her, through Faces of Eurasia. Thank you!

What a difference you’ve made for Daima, and many thousands like her. Because of your faithful prayers and generosity, we’re sharing the Good

News with Muslim people and seeing lives transformed, even in the most difficult circumstances.

Right now, we are preparing for an outstanding new year of ministry … but the simple fact remains that we have 1.9 BILLION Muslims and others to reach.

→ This means we must be intentional about every person we meet, every conversation we have —

→ We must broadly scatter the seeds of the Gospel and see where it takes root — then invest, engage, and disciple where the seeds are blossoming.

Think of the parable of the sower Jesus told in Matthew 13. Where the seed falls on good soil, we can expect a great harvest of 30-, 60-, or even 100-fold. “Whoever has ears, let them hear!”

As we begin 2019, we must be ready to make the most of every opportunity, of every encounter — in whatever country, in whatever day and whatever month.

The Holy Spirit is at work in a fresh, new way — and we’re witnessing increased frequency of relationships and missions.

Your Faces of Eurasia partners are at work in the most difficult areas — completely unreached places where there are often no other Christians.

The only way we can reach 1.9 billion unreached people in these regions is when we all work together — when friends like you join hands with workers like ours — to share the Gospel.

Here is what I am asking you to do:

  1. PRAY. I’ve enclosed a bookmark with the faces of many Eurasian people. I am asking you to keep it and, for the next 30 days, pray daily for one person to have an encounter with Christ.
  2. GIVE. Please also pray and give generously as the Lord leads you to help share the Good News in Eurasia through:
    • Training, sending, and supporting the missionaries who do the face-to-face evangelism and
    • Providing resources like our Biography of Jesus and other Scripture materials to
    • Working with established churches and ministries that provide spiritual, compassionate, and humanitarian
    • And much

Whatever you can give will make a tremendous impact!

Please respond today, for the sake of 19 BILLION like Daima! Thank you — I look forward to hearing from you soon!

P.S.     We may not be able to count all the Muslim and unreached people in Eurasia, but God knows each one by name — and it’s His desire for every single one to come to faith in Him. You can help make this happen, through your prayers and generous gift today. Thank you!