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From a young age, Zahid struggled through life’s pain and hardships more than any child should ever have to experience. With parents that had dropped out of school and had trouble finding work, Zahid was not able to go to school. His family could not afford his education, let alone pay for enough food for his family of eight. Like Zahid, many of the inner-city Muslim kids in Gaza City cannot get to school and have to find work or end up on the streets, where they are pressured by Islamic groups. Stuck in the never-ending cycle of poverty and hopelessness, Zahid did not have a promising future in store.

But, there was a light shining through darkness — the Gaza Lighthouse School.

In a city characterized by extreme poverty, violence, isolation, military oppression and Islamic pressures, there stands a single institution shining bright in Gaza City in Palestine – the Gaza Lighthouse School. Now, more than ever, Gaza is in desperate need of light and hope.

One way the Lighthouse School staff can shine Christ’s light is by visiting their students’ homes regularly, where they can talk about Jesus and pray for the family. During one of these visits, they found out Zahid wasn’t going to school and asked his parents if they could bring him to the Lighthouse School. They saw the hopelessness in Zahid’s eyes and desperately wanted to pour God’s love into his life. Without this home visit, Zahid would have continued to be forgotten and unnoticed. Generous donors made it possible for Zahid to go to the Lighthouse School with his sister.

Zahid’s time at the school is providing so much more than academic learning—it is building a strong educational foundation for future jobs and ultimately, a new life.

Zahid and many other students rely on the Gaza Lighthouse school to provide transportation to and from school each day. With the city streets rampant with danger and violence, Zahid is grateful for the ride to school, knowing he will be taken care of and safe.

While at school, the students receive a nutritious lunch. This simple meal is a huge blessing as many kids are not able to receive one at home, and it helps them focus on their studies. Zahid loves his lunch, and with a full belly, he is excited to learn each day.

The cost for transportation, lunches, books and school resources is ongoing for the Lighthouse School. However, the school is facing an even larger challenge right now: two of their buildings’ solar systems that provide electrical power to the school for part or the entire day are not working at all… This means the staff is trying to teach and students are trying to learn often with no lights or power.

Gaza City regulates the public’s use of electricity, and sometimes only allows six hours of power usage a day. So, when the City decides to shut off the power, students are left in the dark.

Can you imagine if you are going about your day and all of the sudden the power is completely out? It would stop you right in the middle of what you are doing, and all you could think about is, “I must find light.” On top of that comes the uncertainty of when the lights will come back on.

Two of the three Lighthouse School’s buildings have been without solar backup systems to provide reliable electrical power since Spring of 2020.

Without dependable electrical power, there are:

  • No copiers to print study guides or assignments
  • No computers for students’ use
  • No light in a place that is supposed to be the one safe haven in the students’ lives

We are believing God will touch generous hearts, like yours, to reach the school’s financial goal of purchasing new solar-powered electrical systems to bring stable light back to Zahid and his fellow students.

Even through the struggles, the staff continues to pour out God’s love and peace on the children. This love is seen and felt by everyone in the community.

The school’s God-given light is warmly embraced and is a stark contrast to the hopelessness and darkness surrounding the families’ lives.

Much like a single lighthouse cutting through the darkness as it shines light across the land, the Lighthouse School still has many children to reach in Gaza City.

They, like Zahid, need to know there is a life available to them that is dramatically different than what they have known, because of Christ’s love. They need to know that Christians, like you, whom they will never meet, care for them deeply.

We pray that you would join us in providing the children with safe transportation to school, nutritious lunches that energize their ready-to-learn minds, and classrooms engulfed in light, so that the Lighthouse School can continue to be a beacon of hope in Gaza City.

P.S.    Your gift directly helps light the way to a brighter future for so many inner-city Muslim
children. Please do what you can today to give each child hope and love to remember tomorrow.


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