Help to rescue India’s children

Her father — gone.

Her mother — lost in alcoholism.

Her surroundings — a “red-light” district, ruled by vicious men who prey on innocent girls. The infamous Garstin Bastion Road (or “GB Road”) in New Delhi, India.

Kashvi didn’t stand a chance.

It was only a matter of time before she’d be driven into the sex trade — in her neighborhood, the average age of girls newly prostituted is 14.

Thank God, you reached out to her — you helped plant a church and ministry center in the middle of the neighborhood … a place where sex workers can find hope and healing, and where their children can escape this brutal life.

Today, because of the church and safe home, Kashvi is going to school, fellowshipping with new friends, and following her new Friend, the Lord Jesus.

Because of your generosity and prayers, she’s been rescued!

But thousands more like her are at risk in India’s red-light districts and on GB Road. It’s a 700-year-old warren of brothels — 55 sex parlors packed into a half-mile.

Trains arrive every day with more young girls — most of them duped into believing they’re going to be married or become employed as maids, others sold into sex slavery by their desperate families.

They’re told they must work to buy their freedom — but most never escape.

They bear children who are then absorbed into the atrocious system.

But our partners at Project Rescue are helping women, girls, and boys flee the sex trade — through a safe home and also through the church and ministry center.

Once enslaved sex workers realize they have a place to go, receive prayer and education, perhaps even begin following the Lord — their eyes are opened to the hope they have of escaping the sex trade — and lives are transformed!

But with 3,500 girls trapped in the trade on GB Road alone — and more arriving each day — plus the other impoverished souls who live nearby — more than one church is needed.

Today I am asking you to think of little Kashvi, a precious young girl no different from your own children or grandchildren … if not for our church planting and safe home, she would have been easy prey for pimps and abusers.

She doubtless would have been forced into the sex trade, her body bruised, her heart broken, her future blighted.

Please, as you think of her, pray about how you can help the next Kashvi, and then give as generously as you possibly can to help Faces of Eurasia support church plants in red-light districts and ministry centers in New Delhi and other cities.

Perhaps you can give $25 today — or $250. Or maybe God is putting it on your heart to give even more. Whatever the donation, it will make an immediate, life-changing difference!

These are God’s beloved children … little girls (and boys) in desperate need.

We cannot turn our backs on them. For their sake, for the love of Christ, please help.

P.S.    Thank you in advance for opening your heart to help India’s children! Your gift can help rescue another child like Kashvi.