You Give them Hope!

February 2018 Faces Eurasia

Every other word is nonsense — who would even attempt to try to figure out the meaning?

But the text above IS life-changing: it’s the beginning of the gospel of John in an old-English Bible.

Not long ago, the ONLY kind of “Bible” available in the Arabic language was ancient Arabic. Archaic. Nobody could understand it!

Thank God, the missionaries who discovered this determined to create a modern-language Arabic Bible —

And now, you’re helping us get this modern-language “Sharif Bible” to Eurasian Muslims …

You are bringing hope to those in desperate need. Thank you! The message of eternal life is reaching all kinds of people.

D.J., from Lebanon, tells us:

“I gave a copy of the Sharif Bible to a university [student] in Beirut. He came to faith in Christ and began joining us for prayer and study of the Bible. He was passionate about studying and understanding more, and he had a lot of questions. He eventually asked us to join him in praying that his parents would also come to believe in Christ. So when he gave a copy of the Sharif Bible to his father, he was surprised to find his father reading it every morning in a loud voice chanting the text! The father finally asked to meet his son’s friends who had first led him to faith.”

Another friend, whose name and sensitive location I’ll keep confidential, shares:

“An individual involved in one of our country’s political gangs found a copy of the Sharif New Testament and began reading it in his room. He later met a person volunteering and asked him to introduce him to some followers of Jesus … From there, the Sharif Bible began to be circulated among others in the gang, and their lives started to change by the powerful work of the Spirit in them.”

The Sharif Bible is the most effective tool for evangelism and church-planting among Muslims today — already tens of thousands of Muslims have come to faith in Christ through the Sharif Bible.

But there are 1.6 billion Muslim people in the world today. We must do all we can to reach them —

And we have an incredible opportunity this Easter to pack a container with 12,500 Sharif Bibles for Muslims in Eurasia!

The timing is perfect. Since Muslims believe Jesus was a prophet, not the Son of God — and they don’t believe He rose from the grave — Easter is the ideal time for the Sharif Bible to share the salvation story and the hope of resurrection.

It takes just $6 to provide a Sharif Bible for a Muslim seeker — and thousands are seeking right now. There’s a great hunger for peace and hope outside Islam.

YOU can be the one to show Muslims the way to new life in Christ.

Whether you can give $6 for one Bible, $60 for 10, or $600 for 100 Bibles … please pray about giving something.

Please also pray for your partners in Eurasia who will share the Bibles with Muslims …

And pray for the Muslims who will receive the Bibles, too.

Your prayers and faithful partnership will make a dramatic impact.

How many Muslims will you reach today with the Good News about Jesus?

You can give them God’s Word in their own language, in a vernacular they can understand … delivered by ministry workers who can plant new churches or direct new believers to existing churches for ongoing discipleship.

Faith in Christ is rapidly spreading across Muslim lands — please be part of this great revival today! Pray about the best way you can help, then respond soon. March 5 is the deadline to ensure we can supply Sharif Bibles for Easter. Thank you again.

P.S.     $6 can help a Muslim mom or dad choose faith in Christ … their children will grow up reading that Sharif Bible, following Jesus … Please help us reach them!




  • Please keep praying for 1.6 billion Muslim people worldwide!
  • Pray for the funding to fill a container with 12,500 Sharif Bibles before the Easter deadline.
  • Pray for Muslims who receive the Bibles to be open to the beautiful story of salvation and the gift of resurrection!
  • Pray for your missionaries and partners in Eurasia as they share the Good News and plant new churches.
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