10,000 AUDIO BIBLES for the Palestinian Territories!

Dear Friend of Eurasia,

Khawla’s husband flew into a rage, throwing her against the wall and pulling out a knife.

Her crime? Her Muslim husband had caught her listening to an audio Bible.

This audio Bible, purchased for Khawla at the cost of only $7 by a believing friend, had led to a drastic change in her life: she and her son had become Christians—an unthinkable decision for a Muslim in this Palestinian village.

Brandishing his knife, Khawla’s husband took a step toward her. Her son tried unsuccessfully to protect his mother. The husband sliced his wife from one end of her chest to the other.

Neighbors heard her screaming and called the authorities, who arrested the husband and rushed Khawla to the hospital.

But then the inconceivable happened. Shortly after being jailed, Khawla’s husband was released and all charges against him were dropped.

The police said he was only trying to defend Islam.

Here in the Palestinian territories—in the birthplace of Christianitymany people are openly hostile to the Word of God and many hearts are closed to the message of Jesus.


Khawla’s Christian friends came to the hospital, bringing audio Bibles with them. They went from room to room in the hospital, giving patients the Bibles and asking, “Listen to this: is the message you are hearing worth the violence done to Khawla?” “No,” they agreed, “it is not.”

Many patients and their families were exposed to the gospel for the first time by listening to the gospel on audio Bibles—provided by people like you and me at the cost of only $7 each.

Khawla did not die. Her husband declared her an enemy of Islam and divorced her publicly. She regained strength and decided to see her now ex-husband again. Filled with the Holy Spirit, she said to him, “I forgive you. I love you, our son loves you, but most of all, Jesus loves you.” But her husband refused to listen.

Hours later, their son came to the house, not knowing his mother had been there. He told his father, “I forgive you. I love you, my mother loves you, but most of all, Jesus loves you.”

Khawla’s husband was stunned. He knew mother and son had not had a chance to consult one another before coming.

That night, the husband had a dream in which Jesus appeared to him and said, “Your wife loves you, your son loves you, and I love you.”

The message of undeserved forgiveness and love struck him powerfully. He, a violent, anti-Christian Muslim, gave his life to Jesus. He remarried Khawla, telling people, “I divorced my wife in public in the name of Islam. I will now marry her in public in the name of Christianity.”

Friends, this is a recent story: it took place only a few months ago. This is just one of many stories told to me by one of Eurasia’s area directors. The Word of God is drastically changing lives in the Palestinian territories today.

But the Word of God is in short supply in the Palestinian territories. Some believers bring audio Bibles to their workplaces, plugging them into a sound system so all can hear. Others use them in house churches. Each audio Bible reaches 10 people on average in the Palestinian territories.

Will you help us send 10,000 audio Bibles to the Palestinian territories?

Your contribution of $7, $70, $700, or $7,000 will help bring the Word of God to the Palestinian territories, where it is in short supply.

I know that this Christmas season, your mailbox is already filling with gift catalogues and appeals for many worthy causes. I ask you to prayerfully consider giving the gift of a $7 audio Bible so that people like Khawla and her husband will have the opportunity to hear the gospel for the first time—and to make an eternal decision for Christ.

Will you partner with us to send 10,000 audio Bibles to the Palestinian territories? With 10,000 audio Bibles, we can reach 100,000 people with the message of the gospel! Will you pray that each Bible that our team distributes will plant a seed in the heart of those who desperately need to hear the message of Jesus this Christmas?
P.S. Bringing audio Bibles into the Palestinian territories will help change many people like Khawla and her family. Even one copy of the Word of God has the potential to change the lives of an entire community! One copy, costing only $7, can bring militant Muslims to faith in Jesus!