Armenian FireBibles

Dear Friend,

There is still time to give a new Bible to Armenians who have not had a faithful translation of God’s word in 150 years. And we now have an opportunity to put a powerful new tool into the hands of our Armenian brothers and sisters in Christ – the dynamic Pentecostal study notes: the FireBible.

One man, Hovhannes, is getting ready to minister to villages in Armenia near
the Iranian border. Hovhannes grew up during the Cold War. In those days, times were tough, and homes had to go without necessities like electricity. Books were a luxury — neither accessible nor affordable. But God had a plan for his life…

He grew into a natural leader at his church and became a pastor. He is filled with passion to make disciples and to grow the church to be a light in the darkness of the surrounding Muslim nations. So Hovhannes enrolled as a student at Global University’s Armenia Bible College, but he cannot effectively study God’s Word. He uses a handful of modern Bibles in different languages to study the Scripture. He says it can feel overwhelming and exhausting trying to piece together Biblical research from various languages and books.

To resource Armenian pastors and missionaries, like Hovhannes, our team is also translating the FireBible study notes to go along with the new Revised Modern Armenian Bible. The FireBible is the World’s #1 Pentecostal Study Bible. It includes:

  • Comprehensive commentary and notes for the entire Bible that guide the reader into a deeper life in the Spirit
  • Maps and charts that provide clarity and context to important biblical events and teachings
  • Dozens of articles that explain and expand key topics in detail

Hovhannes is excited that in addition to the Modern Armenian Bible text, he will have the guidance of the FireBible in his toolkit. He is hungry to have a Bible, along with study notes, that he can understand. We cannot give Hovhannes a more powerful resource for his calling to grow the Church and to reach the nations than the FireBible in the modern Armenian language.

To print and give Hovhannes a FireBible to call his own, it takes $50. To him, to Armenian Bible College students, to pastors, teachers, and evangelists throughout Armenia, to others training for ministry, and to the countless future generations of leaders and missionaries, this resource will be a priceless treasure.

With the Modern Armenian FireBible, the Armenian Pentecostal Church and its leaders will be able to strengthen their biblical and theological foundation and effectively fulfill Christ’s command to make disciples of all nations.

The FireBible is the most effective tool we can give Armenian Christians as they prepare to share the gospel in their own villages and towns and beyond.

But, we need help from generous friends like you to fund the FireBible printing.

With your financial partnership, we will bless Armenians with a FireBible and empower them to fulfill the calling for which God has been preparing and preserving them for thousands of years — to be a lighthouse for Christ in a sea of Islam in these last days.

Please send what you can to help print the new Revised Modern Armenian Version FireBible with study notes.

P.S.   You are an integral part of equipping Christians with a faithful, accurate,
and reliable Bible to share the love and power of Jesus Christ with the
millions of lost. Thank you for your generosity.