Invisible Bibles

December 2020 Faces Eurasia

Dear Friend,

The lights are off and, in the darkness, he is alone. But, because of a secret gift, the darkness and loneliness are shattered by light and love — he is reading God’s living word from an invisible Bible.

Kashif is a new believer in Christ, but his family and friends are deeply loyal Muslims, as is customary in Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, conservative Muslim families sometimes try to kill relatives who have become Christians.

Kashif heard about Jesus in a small group and decided to give his life to Christ and put his hope in the Lord. He found that Jesus’s love and forgiveness knows no bounds.

But he faced immense persecution and danger. He could not speak of his new faith to his family, for they would turn against him for not following Islam.

Even still, overflowing with passion for Jesus, Kashif tried to share his newfound hope in Christ with his friends. Their hardened hearts did not receive the Good News, and Kashif’s family manufactured a court case against him. He was thrown into prison and received numerous lashings – all because Kashif vocalized his faith in Jesus and rejected Islam.

In Saudi Arabia, believers face the fear of extreme persecution every day. But, even as the darkness of the enemy and strongholds remain, God is still moving and drawing hearts to Him right now.

Once out of prison, Kashif knew he needed to learn more and deepen his relationship with God, but it was going to be challenging.

But imagine having no church services, no worship music, no discipleship classes, and no access to written resources, because conservative Muslims do not want Bibles to be available in Saudi Arabia.

…And on top of all of that, Kashif did not have a Bible to call his own.

Physical books are very important to Kashif and people in Saudi Arabia. They grow up reading and memorizing scripture from the physical Quran. The written word is revered and deeply respected.

All Kashif desperately wanted was something tangible to hold on to in his new faith – he really desired a physical Bible.

From generous givers like you, we are able to provide scripture in Kashif’s native language – how powerful it is for him to read Scripture and be able to understand it, because it’s already translated specifically for him. It is also presented in a way that is safe for him and other Christians to read it with less
fear of being caught and persecuted for having a Bible.

It is called an invisible Bible – it resembles a common notebook or journal and looks blank. That is, until it is put under a black flashlight, and then the New Testament scriptures can be seen.

This Christmas season, we have the opportunity to bless more fellow Christ followers in closed countries with invisible Bibles. We are reminded of one of our beloved carols written by Isaac Watts, Joy to the World. I’m sure you know it well:

Joy to the world, the Lord is come!
Let earth receive her King.
Let every heart prepare Him room…

You could bring joy to others in the world by placing an invisible Bible into their hands. Give this cherished gift to someone like Kashif for just $20. You could spread the joy to five others for $100. Or just imagine…
the possibilities are limitless!

Would you seek God for how you can give generously and make an enormous impact on the world this Christmas? This could be the most treasured gift they will receive.

When we gave Kashif his invisible Bible and blacklight flashlight in secret, he was overjoyed. With a huge smile and tears in his eyes, he kissed the Bible, because it meant so much to him to have a tangible representation of his love for Christ and passion to know Him more.

Repeat the sounding joy, Repeat the sounding joy…

The invisible Bible is a cornerstone for us to empower and embolden fellow Christians in Saudi Arabia, a key strategic country in reaching Muslim people. Invisible Bibles are being used in small Christian fellowship groups, but they have the potential to spread much farther than just Saudi Arabia. They are fundamental to our church planting vision to take the Gospel all over the world. We desperately need these Bibles in order to expand our church planting mission to reach many lost to Islam in Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries.

He comes to make His blessings flow, Far as the curse is found.
Far as, far as, the curse is found.

We pray these Bibles continue to grow disciples for Christ and renew their strength to persevere. We know the Bibles are a key needed component of our church planting movement. We pray that you would join us in providing invisible Bibles to all those who have ears to hear. 

The glories of His righteousness,
And wonders of His love,
And wonders, wonders, of His love.

P.S.  Now is the time to bless our fellow believers in Saudi Arabia with a Bible to call their own, so that they may dive deeper into their faith. Thank you in advance for the difference you will make, as we use these invisible Bibles to expand our reach to those who desperately need Jesus.

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