Invisible Bibles – There’s still time!

Dear Friend,

There is still time to give invisible Bibles to believers and those seeking Jesus in Saudi Arabia!

I wrote you about it before: the invisible Bible resembles a common notebook or journal and looks blank, until it is put under a black flashlight. Then, the New Testament scriptures can be seen and read in Arabic.

For a Saudi believer, having a Bible in their heart language is crucial for them to truly know and understand scripture. This grasp on scripture is fundamental to the church planting movement in Saudi Arabia.

I wish you could see the joy on their faces as we give them a physical Bible to call their own. It is one of the most cherished gifts they’ve ever received.

One young Islamic couple opened their hearts to the Lord and accepted Him as their savior. For now, they must isolate themselves from family and friends for fear of being beaten or worse, because of their turn from Islam. Can you imagine being separated from your loved ones and constantly being afraid for your life?

But, because of generous givers like you, we were able to provide them with an invisible Bible. Together, they shared a beautiful moment of gratitude as they held their first Christian Bible. Those feelings of isolation and separation dissipated as they could finally feel and touch a physical representation of their strong faith in Christ.

     Saudi Arabia has been the center of Islam for 14 centuries. God is moving — more hearts are opening to Him, and these are unprecedented opportunities.

There are many more men, women and families just like this young couple that are waiting for their own invisible Bible. Their love for God and passion to bring others to Him is overflowing. These invisible Bibles would tremendously help the growing church in Saudi Arabia and beyond.

It takes just $20 to provide an invisible Bible and black flashlight – this is an incredible gift for a Saudi believer seeking to read Scripture and know Jesusmore deeply.

How many will you reach? Please pray about your most generous year-end gift to help:

     • Provide invisible Bibles, along with a black flashlight which is needed in order to read the hidden scripture, and

     • Support the church planting movement in Saudi Arabia and other countries

However you are led to give, please do it today. December 31 is the last day your gift can apply to this year’s taxes.

What happens in Saudi Arabia affects the Arab world, the Islamic world, and the entire globe. Please let me hear from you soon! Thank you for the impact you’re already making.

P.S. God blesses you for opening your generous heart to Muslim people one more time in 2020. Now is the time to bless these believers who are living in fear of persecution and show them God’s compassionate love.