Bibles for Russia

December 2019 Faces Eurasia

Dear Friend,

Imagine your life without God’s Word.

From the day you were born … not a single Bible.

It’s almost impossible to fathom — a world with no Bibles.

Yet that’s the world Sergey was trapped in.

In his remote town in Russia, nobody talked about God or Jesus. Communism discouraged it. There wasn’t even a Russian Orthodox church.

When the Soviet Union collapsed, Sergey’s town collapsed too. The lumber mill closed. The school shut down. Sergey lost his job.

He was utterly alone … completely without hope.

He might have descended into despair: alcohol, drugs, suicide, who knows?

But God was not finished with Sergey. By His grace, through the generosity of a caring friend like you, a team of Christians arrived in town and gave him a life-transforming gift: a Russian-language Bible.

He had never laid eyes on such a book.

This wasn’t simply something to read. As Sergey turned the pages, the words in this book came to life in him.


I can hardly describe the transformative power of receiving a Bible for the very first time. But we witness it again and again, when people have their first-ever encounter with God’s Word.

It is astounding. It’s a miracle.

Sergey is a beautiful example, as he joyfully follows Jesus today … as he walks 12 miles to church, just for the joy of fellowshipping with other believers and praying to the Christ he now loves.

But he is only one among multitudes. When you give someone their very first Bible, you give the gift of NEW LIFE.

This is why I write you with such a sense of urgency today: because we have an incredible opportunity to send a Christmas gift of Bibles to nearly 17,000 more people like Sergey.

If God’s people will come together to provide $100,000, we can load an entire semi-truck full of Bibles and take them to places where they’re most urgently needed.

The truck is standing by, ready to roll. The teams are in place to deliver the Bibles …

In fact, young Russian believers — like the team that reached Sergey’s village — are already fanning out across the nation.

They work with local churches. They help launch home fellowships that grow into new churches. They work with rehab centers to fight Russia’s alcoholism epidemic.

They’re reaching out in Jesus’ name everywhere they can.


There is no substitute for God’s Word. These passionate young Christians desperately need Bibles to share with the people they’re reaching.

As you read these words, they are hoping and praying that we can provide Bibles.

Amazingly, it takes only $6 to give a Bible to someone who has never even seen one.

How many Bibles could you provide today?

Most Russian families do not own a single Bible. Many have never read or heard even one passage of Scripture.

»100,000 towns, villages, and cities across Russia have NO evangelical church.

»Less than 2% of the population is evangelical Christian.

»In fact, evangelical Christianity is viewed as a “cult” in Russia, and anti-evangelism laws have targeted our partners — yet they are determined to go on sharing the Gospel!

»Russia is home to 88 unreached people groups.

»And there are 25 million Muslims.

This nation needs God’s Word, and YOU can send it, as your Christmas gift to thousands of Russian men, women, and children.

Please open your heart to them. You know that God’s Word has the power to transform lives. God help us not to keep it to ourselves!

The Lord will honor your sacrifice of compassion — there is no question. “So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth,” He declares in Isaiah 55:11; “it shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.”

Please pray about the best way you can help today …

»$30 will provide Bibles for 5 Russian people.

»$60 will provide Bibles for 10 Russian people.

»$96 will provide Bibles for 16.

»$300 will provide Bibles for 50.

»$600 will provide Bibles for 100 …

»$1,200 will provide Bibles for 200 … $6,000 will provide for 1,000!

»Whatever God leads you to give will make a life-changing difference for the next Sergey.

Please don’t wait! We need $100,000 to provide almost 17,000 Bibles.

My prayer is that we can fund this outreach by December 31.

Am I pushing hard? Yes. This is important. Eternity is on the line for these households where God’s Word is unknown.

I thank God He has given Faces of Eurasia the best and most generous family of support. And I hope you can be generous again today.

I know your pocketbook may already be stretched this holiday season … but I know you feel for people who may never before have received the Gospel message … I know you will do all you can to help reach them with the Good News.

Let’s not leave anyone in a world without the Bible. Let’s fill a semi with Bibles for the lost!

Please respond as the Lord leads you, and I thank you in advance for your generous Christmas gift today! God bless you!

P.S. The “Christmas story” in the Gospel of John goes like this: “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” When you give God’s Word to people in need, you are sharing the reality of the Christmas story in a life-changing way — so that the people sitting in darkness may see a great light!

Please help send the Living Word of God to Russia today — for Christmas. Thank you again!

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