Provide gospel-centered aid this Christmas season

Dear Friend,

Innocent civilians are suffering in war-torn Israel and Palestine. Moroccan villagers are struggling to rebuild their lives after the destruction of an earthquake. Libyan orphans are desperate to find homes with new families after a devastating flood.

People are facing extreme crisis in Israel, Palestine, Morocco, and Libya but hearts are open to the hope of Jesus… We still need your help to provide gospel-centered aid through the Rapid Intervention Network!

The needs of people in these countries are vastly different, but their greater need is the same: to know and have relationship with their Creator. By giving to the Rapid Intervention Network (RIN), you’ll ensure we can meet physical needs of people in crisis while offering a greater solution to the emptiness in their souls.

This foundational premise sets RIN apart from other humanitarian organizations. Without undermining people’s dignity, our team members arrive in moments of crisis and share the love of Jesus. Often after other humanitarian organizations have moved on to the next disaster, our team remains to build relationships focused on discipleship and church planting.

Our team met a woman named Nadia in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. This remote area is known for its rugged terrain, towering peaks, and deep valleys, making it isolated and difficult to reach. Nadia lost her children, her home, and her livelihood in the recent earthquake that killed more than 2,900 people and injured over 5,500. This village had always been closed to our team, but after the earthquake we gained access to share the life-changing message of Jesus to a 6-mile stretch of villages.

Surrounded by the rubble, our team members sat with Nadia and wept with her for all she had lost. Through her tears, Nadia asked why our team had come to her village. They said, “We came to help and to share the hope of Jesus.”

God is using relationships to change lives throughout Eurasia! Through your support of the Rapid Intervention Network, lives can be rebuilt and communities can be restored with Jesus at the cornerstone of every effort.

To be ready when crisis inevitably arises, the RIN team trains global workers and national partners during times of peace. They establish food pantries and stock essential items, such as clothing and toiletries. With a focus on developing cultural understanding and building relationships outside of disaster relief, communities are more likely to welcome our help and open their hearts to the hope of Jesus when a familiar face comes to their aid.

As the dire situation continues to unfold in Israel and Palestine, our workers are uniting with local pastors and churches to meet the needs of displaced Israelis from towns in the south and in the north near the Lebanon border. We are also providing relief for Palestinian families in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

“I want you to know that our global workers who are in country are doing well. They are being able to share the gospel in these times when people are asking questions because they don’t have answers. But we know God does. Can you pray with us that God goes before us in these days? Pray that His Kingdom comes, His will be done in Israel and Palestine, as it is in heaven.”  – Israel Palestine Area Director

The response to the floods in Libya is another amazing example of working through established relationships and uniting as the body of Christ. Our partners in Cairo, Egypt are networking with Egyptian Churches, humanitarian organizations, and doctors to assess the greatest needs for the city of Derna, Libya. Blood bank equipment and other medical supplies were at the top of that list. When a truck loaded with the supplies arrived in Derna, our team shared this story:

“There is so much mourning here. Last night as we filled more trucks with supplies, the energy and mood sharply dropped as we loaded two large trucks full of burial wrappings. Many Libyans in the room had lost family and friends. Others were overwhelmed by the projections of more than 20,000 dead.

Struck with deep sadness, our group sat down for a silent water break. A fiery, but gentle volunteer asked the group if he could share a hopeful message. He shared about the death that comes from sin and the life that is restored in Jesus. It was quiet. Some of the Libyans from Derna and Benghazi asked questions. Some of the Egyptian Christians gave support. Everyone cried. Some were mourning the death, and others were filled with hopeful expectation of the restoration that comes from Jesus.”

It is our prayer that Christ would be made known to each person along the path of this aid: those loading trucks, truck drivers, border patrol agents, government officials, volunteers, and those directly affected by the disaster.

In the midst of crisis, God can make a way for the
truth of Jesus to change lives and the Church to be planted!

Last month, your generous support had a profound impact on the lives of 300 of the orphaned children in Libya who had lost everything to devastating floods. They have faced the unthinkable, having lost both of their parents. These 300 children are currently residing in a public school in Derna. Together, we provided them with hygiene kits and comforting stuffed animals.

Now, as we move forward, the next phase of support is to help these children find the security of a loving foster family. We also aim to assist displaced families in finding stable housing during these trying times. Our aid will be tailored to the unique financial needs of these families, with the plans to furnish the essentials for their new homes and subsidize 40-70% of their rent for the initial three months.

Your continued support is vital in making this vision a reality and helping these resilient children and families rebuild their lives. Together, we can offer a beacon of hope in their darkest hours and let the transformative power of Jesus be their new foundation. Please consider making a gift today to ensure that these children and families have a brighter future ahead.

You are an integral part of equipping the Rapid Intervention Network to share the love and power of Jesus Christ with the millions of lost and hurting people in Eurasia. Thank you for your generosity.