Your secret work in the Muslim world is transforming lives!

You gave her a book that looked safe enough — a biography on one of Islam’s many prophets …

This one just happened to be about Issa, or as we would say, Jesus. The more she read, the more she realized:

Jesus is far more than a prophet of Islam! He’s the Son of God and Savior of the world. She began sharing this wonderful news with her young son, and then —

Tragedy struck. Her husband “caught” her talking about Christ the Savior with their child, and he beat her so violently, she had to be hospitalized.

Your Faces of Eurasia partners rushed to her bedside to pray with her and encourage her to go somewhere safe, if she could possibly get away. In the Islamist world, women are sometimes treated as property, and her very life might have been in danger.

But she refused to run away. Her friends decided to demonstrate love and forgiveness to the husband, modeling the character of Jesus …

Today the entire family has left Islam and is following Christ!

This is the dramatic impact you’re making across Eurasia, wherever you help us share a simple, Bible-based book: the Biography of Jesus. It is made up of Scripture telling the life story of Jesus — and clearly points the way to salvation.

And because Jesus is considered a prophet in Islam, it is not dangerous for seekers to read about Him. It would be perilous for them to be seen reading a Bible, but reading a book about one of Islam’s prophets is perfectly acceptable.

And the results are remarkable:

» Muslims are using our Biography of Jesus book to study about Jesus, right in the mosque!

» Believers who attend are able to address the group, and even share Scriptures, because they’re reading them from the Biography, not from the Bible!

» In those difficult situations when new believers are targeted by extremists and hauled before Islamic leaders to defend themselves, they’ve been able to take their Biography of Jesus with them — it gives them Jesus’ own words to respond to their interrogators.

» The Biography of Jesus is the number one book our partners request to place into the hands of Muslims at outreaches. These events focus on people age 12 and up, but many who receive the book are younger as well … and all ages are impacted by it.

Many people choose to follow Jesus immediately after their encounter with Him in the Biography — others want to know more. We follow up with anyone who shows an interest and provide Bibles and other materials to them as safely and secretly as we can.

But the Biography of Jesus is our “gateway Scripture” —

It makes it easy for Muslims, who are willing and able to read about Jesus as a prophet of Islam, to discover the “real story” and commit their lives to Christ.

Thank you for your prayers and faithful support to help Faces of Eurasia provide life-changing materials like this. Another amazing thing about the Biography (as well as our follow-up literature, including the Arabic Bible for those who are interested): it takes just $1 to provide each book.

This is a tremendous bargain! In part, it’s possible because we print the books locally in the country where they’re to be distributed. This saves on shipping, of course, and doesn’t require clearing them at customs if bringing them across borders.

Right now, our partners have requested at least 50,000 copies of the Biography of Jesus.

We want to fund these print runs by the end of the year. It can be your life-changing Christmas gift for 50,000 Muslim seekers!

As you give today, you will be:

» Providing the Biography of Jesus, along with other follow-up materials, and

» Helping Faces of Eurasia support evangelism and discipleship throughout this majority-Islamic region.

Please prayerfully consider a gift … and then, as God leads you, decide for yourself:

How many Muslim seekers will I reach for $1 each?

When you can provide the Biography of Jesus for a single dollar, you are assured that every gift will make a big impact.

» A gift of $100 will reach 100 Muslims

» $500 will reach 500 seekers

» Maybe the Lord will speak to you to give $1,000, or even more.

» Whatever contribution you can give as a Christmas gift for Muslim people will be a great blessing.

And however you are led to give, please do it TODAY. We want to provide for the printing of these 50,000 copies before the end of the year, and time is running out.

Your generosity makes such a difference! We are seeing Muslims, and others, all across Eurasia embrace the life-giving message of salvation through the Lord Jesus. Lives are being transformed!

Thank you for making room for Muslim seekers on your Christmas list, and showing them the way to new life in Christ!

If you could be sure your gift is dated and postmarked by December 31, it will be a great help — and it will mean you can count this contribution on your 2018 taxes as well.

God bless you, and thank you again for your faithfulness.

Yours for the Muslims of the world,

P.S. Jesus is a figure within Islam. He is considered a prophet. PEOPLE ARE NOT AFRAID TO READ ABOUT HIM. If someone is caught with the Biography of Jesus book, it’s not a big deal. This makes it the best source we have for reaching literate Muslims … and it takes just $1 to provide it. How many Muslims will you reach with the Good News this Christmas?