Share the story of Jesus in restricted nations

We’re facing an urgent deadline!

December 31 is the final day to help reach multitudes in restricted-access countries with the life-changing Biography of Jesus.

I wrote you about it before: This simple book is totally based on God’s Word, absolutely full of Scripture telling the life story of Jesus — clearly pointing the way to salvation.

I wish you could see for yourself what a difference it makes …

Young Islamic radicals are discovering a whole new definition of strength when they read the Biography of Jesus. For the first time they see:

It isn’t taking someone else’s life that proves you’re powerful — in fact, the greatest strength of all was modeled by Jesus, who laid down His own life for His friends!

These young men would never otherwise get this perspective — they can’t go to a church; they would never read a Bible. But because Jesus is considered a prophet in Islam, they will read a book about Him. (And this is also the reason other Muslims can read it — it might be perilous to be seen reading a Bible, but reading the story of Jesus is OK.)

Many follow Jesus when they discover Him in the Biography — many others begin seeking to know more. So we provide Bibles and other materials to them safely and secretly.

But the Biography of Jesus is our “gateway Scripture” — and right now, our partners are asking for AT LEAST 50,000 copies of the Biography of Jesus and other evangelistic and discipleship materials. We want to fund this by the end of the year — and thank God:

It takes just $1 to provide each one.
$1 to share Jesus with a Muslim seeker!

How many will you reach? Please pray about your most generous year-end gift to help with:

»   Providing the Biography of Jesus, along with follow-up materials, and

»   Helping Faces of Eurasia support evangelism and discipleship throughout this majority-Islamic region.

We’ve made good progress toward the goal of 50,000, thanks to the loving generosity of friends like you, but we still have far to go. Whatever God leads you to give right now will make a tremendous impact.

And, however you are led to give, please do it TODAY. Time is running out. 12/31 is the deadline — and also the last day your gift can apply to this year’s taxes.

Please let me hear from you TODAY. Thank you!

P.S. God bless you for opening your heart to Muslim people one last time in 2018! Every $1 reaches one Muslim seeker in one of the most difficult mission fields in the world.