Southern Asia

May May 2019

God’s Word for the people of Nepal!

That’s how long it would take to translate the Full Life Study Bible, known internationally as the Fire Bible, from English to Nepali.Even then, you would need two translators. One person working alone couldn’t possibly do it.But when Udgam heard about it, he immediately applied for the translation assignment and said he would do it all, himself. He is a bi-lingual Nepali man who had received the English-language Fire Bible years ago.

Dec Dec 2017

Thrive Saving Young lives in Southern Asia

Barsha*’s eyes fill with tears, but she has no strength left to cry. She gave birth two days ago, and now she has to make a decision: the businessman said that her baby girl would be fed daily if Barsha will just sell her to him. She knows she can’t afford to feed another mouth, and the sale will provide enough money to feed the rest of her family for several weeks. It sounds simple, but Barsha knows the businessman owns a brothel. This story plays out day after day in the poorest slums and ghettos of Southern Asia. Mothers…

Sep Sep 2017


Dear Friend of Eurasia: The nation of Bhutan is a remote, mysterious land. Few people can find it easily on a map, yet this land is of great importance to God. The problem is, the people of Bhutan don’t yet know it. Sandwiched between India and China, Bhutan is perched high in the Himalaya Mountains. When storms roll through its deep valleys, thunder bounces against the rugged mountainsides. In times past, this loud rumbling was thought to be the sound of a dragon flying overhead. People named the area Druk Yul, or Land of the Thunder Dragon. The treacherous terrain…