Dec Dec 2016


Dear Friend of Eurasia, No running water, no electricity, no stores, no paved roads—just hundreds of miles of reindeer as far as the eye can see. Reindeer define the lives of the “reindeer people,” a multi-ethnic group of unreached people living in an area of northern Russia that stretches across eleven time zones. The reindeer people are nomadic, living in teepees and following the reindeer through the year as herds migrate in search of food. Reindeer are their source of survival: what they eat, what they wear, and what they trade as currency. Russian pastors began building relationships with the…

May May 2016


Dmitry smashed his unopened bottle of vodka on the ground and climbed the steps of  the city hall. An alcoholic, Dmitry was estranged from his wife and children. He had heard of a Christian outreach taking place in the hall that icy evening in his city of Berdsk, Siberia. With no hope and no dignity, he entered the building. He had nothing left to  lose. At the outreach, he heard the message of salvation for the first time—and he accepted it. Dmitry left the hall a changed man. God began to deliver him from alcoholism, and his addiction to liquor…

Sep Sep 2015

Help Pastor Vanya

Dear Friend of Eurasia, Would you tell others about Jesus if getting caught meant going to jail?             Pastor Vanya takes this risk every day.             In the Muslim region of Russia where he lives, converting to Christianity is illegal. But that does not stop Pastor Vanya and his team from painstakingly visiting village after village to share the Good News. The team’s passion for witnessing is fueled by staggering statistics—in this region of 1,270,000 people there are only 30 known believers!             Islam is actively promoted by political and religious leaders in this volatile region of Russia. The capital…