Provide gospel-centered aid this Christmas season

Innocent civilians are suffering in war-torn Israel and Palestine. Moroccan villagers are struggling to rebuild their lives after the destruction of an earthquake. Libyan orphans are desperate to find homes with new families after a devastating flood.


Gaza Lighthouse School

In a city characterized by extreme poverty, violence, isolation, military oppression and Islamic pressures, there stands a single institution shining bright in Gaza City in Palestine – the Gaza Lighthouse School. Now, more than ever, Gaza is in desperate need of light and hope.


10,000 AUDIO BIBLES for the Palestinian Territories!

Dear Friend of Eurasia, Khawla’s husband flew into a rage, throwing her against the wall and pulling out a knife. Her crime? Her Muslim husband had caught her listening to an audio Bible. This audio Bible, purchased for Khawla at the cost of only $7 by a believing friend, had led to a drastic change in her life: she and her son had become Christians—an unthinkable decision for a Muslim in this Palestinian village. Brandishing his knife, Khawla’s husband took a step toward her. Her son tried unsuccessfully to protect his mother. The husband sliced his wife from one end…