Jun Jun 2017


Five years ago Pastor Chauhan* and his wife, Monica, moved to a village in North India to plant a church. People in this area had no knowledge of the gospel, and the Chauhans met with strong resistance. Faithfully and persistently, they started a Sunday School for boys and girls. Families noticed the positive influence on their children. Slowly, a few adults became interested in the gospel. Today about 25 first-generation believers have been baptized and are the core of a growing work in a previously unreached area. Yet the Chauhans face a dilemma. They are undaunted by the constant resistance…

Dec Dec 2016


Dear Friend of Eurasia, “Why would you wait 2,000 years to tell me this story?” The man from India, who had just heard the gospel for the first time, demanded an answer. Brokenhearted, the AGWM worker tried to explain that this was the first time he had been able to locate the Indian man’s village, nestled high in the mountains of northern India. He and the rest of his team searched for months to find this village! Their purpose? To distribute MP3 players containing audio Bibles in the native languages of isolated Indian people groups, giving them their first exposure…

Dec Dec 2015

Help Repair Flooded Churches in Chennai

Friends, India’s largest Assemblies of God church is flooded from the worst flood in over 100 years in South India. Waters have reached nearly 20 feet high along the New Life AG Campus. Cars and even bridges have been submerged. Torrential rains have doused the state of Tamil Nadu, causing floods that have killed over 269 people and affected millions. New Life AG Pastor David Mohan reports, “The flood affected the church very much, coming up to the first floor, destroying two generators and electrical panels. About 3,000 believers lost their belongings and some of our people lost their houses. Please…