Armenian FireBibles

There is still time to give a new Bible to Armenians who have not had a faithful translation of God’s word in 150 years. And we now have an opportunity to put a powerful new tool into the hands of our Armenian brothers and sisters in Christ – the dynamic Pentecostal study notes: the FireBible.


Armenian Bibles

Can you imagine your Christian life without a translation of the Bible in a modern language that you can understand? Without reading and comprehending God’s Word, how can you grow in your walk with Christ? How can you share the gospel with unbelievers?


Armenia Bible College

Dear Friend of Eurasia, An eternal flame in Yerevan, Armenia commemorates the genocide of 1.5 million Armenian Christians by the Ottoman Empire in 1915. Their only crime was being Christian.        Today, 100 years after the genocide, Armenia stands as a bastion of Christianity in the center of the Muslim world! The Enemy tried to obliterate Armenian Christians, but God preserved a remnant—and Shahan Teberian, AGWM’s and Global University’s representative in Armenia, is among that remnant. Shahan, a relatively new arrival in Armenia, bears a unique connection to the Armenian people—one that was forged in blood. Shahan’s grandfather survived the…