Eurasia Northwest

Aug Aug 2017


The fall season signals the return to school—both in the U.S. and in Eurasia! The thought of a new school year brings joy to some and dread for others. Parents feel rising stress as the cost of school supplies quickly adds up. But in Lithuania, children face a different kind of stress. For them, buying school supplies is an impossible dream. They worry more about daily life than they do about learning. For 50 years, Lithuania was part of the Soviet Union. When it declared its independence in 1989, it was left with a struggling economy and a sense of…

Jul Jul 2016


In the city of Jonava, Lithuania’s “Little Chicago,” drugs are cheaper than food. Home to 30,000 people, Jonava is one of Lithuania’s spiritually darkest cities, corruption-laden and with few jobs. A very large portion of Lithuania’s adult population is addicted to alcohol and drugs, and many Lithuanian children don’t see or hear from their parents for days or weeks on end. For over 10 years, AGWM missionary Sharon McCammon has focused on reaching, discipling, and meeting the practical needs of these “forgotten children” of Lithuania. Sharon has partnered with Lithuanian believers and Teen Challenge Lithuania to start children’s centers throughout…

Oct Oct 2015

Providing Tools to Tell The Gospel in Lithuania

Dear Friend of Eurasia, Rasa was pregnant when she entered the tent over 14 years ago. Her abusive husband had punched her forcefully in the abdomen. She came into the tent meeting crying and crushed, praying that her baby would be born unharmed. That night, sitting in a ministry tent in Lithuania, Rasa gave her life to Christ and has been in church ever since. Her now-teenaged daughter, Evelina, was born healthy—a miracle because the doctor’s prognosis had been bleak. A ministry tent can be a powerful tool for drawing thousands to Christ. Between 1993 and 2005, tent meetings were…