May May 2019

God’s Word for the people of Nepal!

That’s how long it would take to translate the Full Life Study Bible, known internationally as the Fire Bible, from English to Nepali.Even then, you would need two translators. One person working alone couldn’t possibly do it.But when Udgam heard about it, he immediately applied for the translation assignment and said he would do it all, himself. He is a bi-lingual Nepali man who had received the English-language Fire Bible years ago.

Nov Nov 2018

Your secret work in the Muslim world is transforming lives!

You gave her a book that looked safe enough — a biography on one of Islam’s many prophets … This one just happened to be about Issa, or as we would say, Jesus. The more she read, the more she realized: Jesus is far more than a prophet of Islam! He’s the Son of God and Savior of the world. She began sharing this wonderful news with her young son, and then — Tragedy struck. Her husband “caught” her talking about Christ the Savior with their child, and he beat her so violently, she had to be hospitalized.