Himalayan Hope Childrens Home

Dear Friend of Eurasia,

Young Anil’s face tells a gruesome story.

“I will never forget meeting Anil,” recalls one of our team members, a benefactor of Himalayan Hope Children’s Home in India.

Anil was the son of an alcoholic father and a hardworking mother. They lived in a jhopri (hut) in one of India’s most populated states.

As Anil’s mother was pumping their cheap kerosene stove one night, it exploded, setting her and everything in the house on fire. Anil’s mother lost her life. Their house was destroyed and Anil’s face was severely burned.

The scars left by the burn were a constant visual reminder of the pain in  Anil’s heart. It seemed everything of value had been taken from him.

To support himself, Anil started shoveling cow manure with his bare hands and selling it as fuel. Finally, a relative who saw his desperate situation scraped together the $4 bus fare to send him to a children’s home where he would have a warm bed and regular meals.

At AG Himalayan Hope Children’s Home, Anil was instantly embraced by friends and caring staff parents who looked after his needs.

Most importantly, he was introduced to another person with scars— the Man who gave up everything so that Anil could have a second chance at  life.

“Ours is the only children’s home in the northeast region of India that teaches and models a Christ-centered life,” a benefactor explains.

The home’s greatest financial need is providing for  each child’s education. Schooling in India is highly competitive. Children without parents to pay their school fees or to help with homework are at a great disadvantage.

It costs just $1 a day for each child’s school fees—$30 per child per month.

Yet the home struggles each year to cover educational expenses for its 27 children. The home relies on gifts from people like you and me to continue sending these children to school.

Children like Lhamu, who was headed for a life of prostitution like her mother.

When Lhamu was a baby, her father abandoned the family, and her mother began a life of prostitution. Lhamu’s life was dictated by her mother’s schedule, and she had no control over where she stayed or what she saw.

She seemed doomed to follow in her mother’s footsteps.

But at Himalayan Hope Children’s Home, Lhamu discovered a life of stability and learned she was a priceless treasure. Now, 8 years later, she is the leader of her class at school and has given her life to Jesus! And to think that before, prostitution—not school—seemed like her only option!

My challenge to you today is this:

Will you help us sponsor the school fees of the home’s 27 children for  the upcoming school year—a total of $9720?

Your gift of $1 for a day, $30 for a month, or $360 for a year will help a disadvantaged child receive a proper education that will open many doors.

Because of you, that child will get a second chance.

Children discarded by their families or by society are seeing their lives transformed into something useful and beautiful.

By helping to educate these children—at the cost of just $1 a day— you  thwart the Enemy’s plans to keep them in poverty and ignorance: you help set  them on the path to fulfilling God’s purpose for their lives.

Perhaps God is asking you to go above and beyond $1 a day to help these children.

Would you consider providing:

  • essential after-school tutoring at $10 per child for 1 month?
  • a child’s school uniform for $85?
  • a year’s-worth of books and supplies for $135?

On the enclosure, you will see Anil and children like him. You will also find a list of items most essential to each child’s education. Please take time to fill out the enclosure and send it back today.

In closing, I’d like to share one more story with you.

Dorjey is a little boy who comes from a small Buddhist village in northeast India. Dorjey’s village has no school, no running water, and infrequent electricity. His mother died when he was very young, leaving him with an alcoholic father. Dorjey soon became a child no one wanted.

Since coming to Himalayan Hope Children’s Home, Dorjey has been surrounded by loving friends and is learning about Jesus. He is bright, friendly, and a hard worker. We are thankful the home exists for children like Dorjey.

And we are thankful for YOU!

Your gift helps change the lives of these precious boys and girls.

P.S. A gift of $1 per day does more than just cover school fees: it starts children like Anil, Lhamu, and Dorjey on a journey of transformation, offering them a much-needed second chance. Thank you for giving.