Keep Church Planters in India

Dear Friend,

Pastor Raju and his wife, Adya, have faced immense persecution as church planters in the snowcapped mountain ranges of North India. In addition to threats of violence, they have been economically shut out in their village. Shopkeepers and other individuals refuse to do business with them.

But nothing has caused them to question their commitment to ministry, except the roadblocks they’ve encountered trying to provide an education for their three children.

Government schools in the hills of North India are sorely inadequate. Most teachers show up only a few days each month. Mixed grade levels and lack of supplies lead most families to pay for a one-on-one education from a private tutor. But the extravagant fees make this option impossible for Pastor Raju’s family because of all they have sacrificed to plant the church.

They must choose…to continue sharing the hope of Jesus with unreached people or provide adequate education for their three children.

Hindus are open to adding Jesus to the list of spiritual beings they worship. However, those who choose to follow Christ exclusively are often cut off from their families or suffer violence from militant Hindus.

Raju and Adya are willing to sacrifice for the advancement of the gospel, but they fear for their children’s future. You can help provide the answer!

The cost is $300 dollars for one year of private education — only $30 per month. This amount may seem trivial to many of us, but it is extremely out of reach for most church planters in the rural areas of India.

This is true for Pastor Shiva’s family as well…

A few years ago, Shiva and his wife, Prisha, heard the gospel for the first time and were inspired to learn more. After attending Bible school, they returned to their home village in the hills of North India and began to tell their family and neighbors about Christ. Since then, Pastor Shiva has planted 13 churches in the valley where he lives. God is moving in these unreached areas!

Partners like you have provided education for church planters’ children in the past. The results are life-changing! These children are growing and thriving, and their parents are able to give greater focus to their ministry.

BUT the need continues to grow as more Indian pastors are being called to isolated regions. Today, there are 500 children of these church planters in need of a quality education. Will you be a part of meeting this huge need?

To remain engaged in this great work, Pastor Shiva needs to provide for his family in this rural farming community. His children need access to proper education. Your gift will not only impact a child’s life, but it will also allow people who have never heard the GOOD NEWS of Jesus to find hope in Him.

For some church planters without farming experience, a financial gift to cover school fees is the best way to come alongside their family. For others, the gift of livestock can change a child’s future! Milk from a buffalo or goat can be sold to provide continuous income for annual school fees.

Perhaps you can give $30 each month to cover a child’s school fees for one year. Or $750 to buy a buffalo that will provide income for years of education!

Will you give today to show the church planters in India that you are standing with them?

The greatest burden for Pastor Raju, Pastor Shiva, and others like them is fear for their children’s future. Your gift can ensure that pastors are not forced to choose between staying on the mission field or providing an education for their children! Please pray and ask God how He would have you contribute to this eternal work.

P.S. Beatings and constant harassment are not uncommon forms of persecution experienced by church planters in India. Yet these challenges do not scare them away. Their biggest fear is not adequately educating their children. They are willing to risk everything — you can partner with them to meet this need!