Hope for the Future of Kyrgyzstan

April 2021 Faces Eurasia

She has grown up in a wasteland. 

She has no aspirations, because she knows there is nothing here. 

Anara is a Muslim teenage girl who lives in a desolate country: Kyrgyzstan. 

After the Soviet Union disbanded, the country crumbled into chaos. With the sudden change, jobs were lost, and many were plunged into poverty. Corrupt government officials and lack of basic infrastructure continue to be recovery setbacks. The people have been neglected. Abandonment and hopelessness are like clouds of darkness over the Kyrgyz people. And they wish they could escape. 

Growing up in Kyrgyzstan, Anara has been surrounded with Islamic culture. Among her very first words, spoken as a toddler, were praises to Allah. Islam is more than just a religion to her people; it is who they are. For many, it is all they’ve ever known. Left with a deep emptiness, they are desperate to find a true purpose in life. 

Finding prosperous work is very difficult, so Anara’s father left to find a job in Russia when she was very young. He visits only once a year, if that. Her mother is forced to find three or more jobs to support her family. This leaves Anara with the responsibility of raising her younger siblings. Within the multitude of villages, many of the Kyrgyz children are in this same situation. 

With no hope for a future, their quiet desperation threatens to engulf them in darkness. The youth are in urgent need to find a firm foundation and hope in Jesus. This summer, Kyrgyz kids have a chance to experience Jesus through your partnership and the local churches. 

Although it is illegal to witness to children in Kyrgyzstan, our local Christian churches have been emboldened to reach the youth — no matter the cost. In the face of persecution, they are taking a stand: this summer they will host camp-style vacation Bible schools for kids of all ages. 

This Bible camp is Anara’s first step to finding Jesus. 

The camp is crucially needed, because it will connect kids with the church, where they will experience Jesus’ love. In God’s presence they will finally know peace and joy. 

Anara and the other village youth are already so excited to meet new American friends who will come play games, make crafts and give them intentional time. For some of the kids, it will be the first time they feel cherished. 

We have teams of young adults ready to travel to Kyrgyzstan and serve with the church. We need your help in resourcing the camps, to reach as many of the Muslim children as possible. 

Each child at vacation Bible school will: 

  • Be provided with lunch and snacks 
  • Play games and have fun with arts and crafts 
  • Take home a gift, such as a baseball hat or water bottle 
  • Hear the compelling message of God’s love each day 

To provide the food, sports equipment, craft materials, Bible resources and the take-home gift, it costs just $550 for one camp — reaching the youth of an entire village. 

We only have funds for six camps this summer (and no funds for future camps). With over 6 million people in Kyrgyzstan, we must share Jesus with the next generation. We are prepared to host ten camps this summer, but we need your support to fund the remaining four camps and beyond. 

Can you envision how many desperate children we could reach if we did 20 camps? Or even 100 camps next summer? You could help change the lives of thousands of cast-off children in these villages. 

Imagine if the local church had funds to continue discipleship with the youth after camp, throughout the year. These humble churches, who stand in defiance to share Jesus, need Bibles and discipleship materials to continue equipping Kyrgyz youth. With yearly children’s outreaches, the number of kids finding Jesus will exponentially grow. Giving their hearts to Him, they will be empowered to share God’s love with their family and others in their village. 

Please give generously what you can to provide the children’s camp and outreaches with tangible representations of Christ’s love. 

Thank you for your love towards the Muslim youth of destitute countries. God bless you for making a lasting impact on the children who are desperate to find hope – Heavenly hope only found in Jesus. I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

P.S. NOW is the time to amplify the Lord’s message to Kyrgyzstan’s youth. 

Even in the face of danger, this Bible camp boldly declares Jesus is for all. He is for those who feel lost and forgotten. He is for the one, out of ninety-nine, that He rejoices to find. He is for the Kyrgyz people – and I know YOU are too. 

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