Reaching…. IRAN

The danger is real.

In Iran where the ayatollahs are in charge, telling people about Jesus is a serious offense … even possessing Christian literature can land you in trouble.

And gathering as believers to pray for one another? Strictly forbidden.

But this doesn’t stop your Faces of Eurasia Ministry. The enclosed information shows you — last year we reached 50,000+ people in Iran with Gospel literature — and right now evangelical Christianity is growing faster here than in any other nation of the world!

How is this possible? God is at work! And He is using our teams and their passionate dedication to share the Good News, no matter what the risk. Last time I visited with our Iran outreach partners, I witnessed the lengths they’ll go to.

They had a huge laminated map of Iran, and in various locations across the country, they had placed coffee beans. That was strange enough … but even more odd: they had named the coffee beans and were praying for them.

They couldn’t write the names of new believers on the map. If the offices were raided and the map seized by the authorities, their names on the map could put their lives in danger!

But the team member knows where the new believers are that she’s praying for and discipling, and places a bean on the map for each one …

Lots of beans were placed around Tehran, but one bean was by itself, seemingly far out in the countryside. I picked it up and asked: “Who is this?”

“That’s Marcus,” they told me. “He came to Christ when his son Peter [a coffee bean in Tehran] shared the Gospel with him. We reached Peter with the Good News earlier this year and have been discipling him.”

“And are you discipling Marcus, way out here?” I asked, indicating the great distance from Tehran …

“Oh, no, we’re not. Peter is discipling his father.” The new believers are rapidly being trained to share the Good News — and even to share their discipleship lessons with those they lead to Jesus!

No wonder Christianity is growing so rapidly in Iran. Every new believer becomes a missionary to their friends and family.

But herein lies the problem. Our supply of Gospel literature for Iran is running low! Last year they distributed 30,000 Gospel portions and 20,000 tracts, plus several thousand Gospel coloring books for children. The cost, for all this literature ministry alone, was almost $30,000 … and this is in addition to the basic funds needed to support our outreach.

Right now, there is only $3,500 left to provide print materials — for the rest of this year. The need is ur

gent! And the demand is high.The very difficult circumstances in Iran right now — the restrictive government and fundamentalist Islam — are causing people to look for a faith that offers them freedom and hope. People are looking for Jesus.

At the Iran border people are warned that bringing in Christian literature is forbidden — and word has reached us that any time the border guards seize a Gospel portion, they turn around and sell it on the black market the same day because everyone wants Gospel literature!

We’re also offering online discipleship which is a great blessing to seekers and new believers who have internet access. They can learn about Jesus in the privacy of their own homes — and this is very effective.

But for those who can’t be online or don’t know where to look, Gospel literature is absolutely vital. This is why I am coming to you today with this urgent need. Here is what I am asking you to do:

  1. PRAY for your brothers and sisters in Iran, and for all the Muslim people who so desperately need to know the truth that Jesus saves. Pray God will protect the believers. And please also ask the Lord how you can be part of the great move of God taking place in Iran.
  2. GIVE as generously as you can. You’ll provide Muslims and others with perhaps their very first introduction to the Gospel, placing a piece of literature into their hands … whether a Gospel portion for a teenager, a Gospel coloring book for a child, or a tract for an adult … and you will also be helping with our many outreaches throughout Eurasia.

Use the enclosed envelope to make your generous, tax-deductible contribution today. Then rejoice — because you’ll be reaching the next lost soul like Peter, who will receive discipleship and then share the Good News with his father, who will in turn reach out to his neighbor

And in this way, each new disciple begins making disciples, and the message of salvation spreads throughout Iran, and throughout Eurasia!

Thank you for your generous response today, and thank you for your prayers.

Evangelism in Iran is dangerous. Many thousands of believers have been forced underground by the severe persecution they face — Iran is #10 on the World Watch List for the worst possible place to be a Christian.

But we are there for them, through the prayers and generosity of friends like you — and by God’s grace, Christianity is growing quickly in Iran despite the threat of persecution. Thank you for reaching out to Iran!

P.S.     The danger is real. But Iran’s believers, and our teams, don’t let it stop them. They’re risking their lives … all they ask of us is for the materials to help share the Good News. Thank you for giving from your heart today.

Please pray for our coffee beans!

Our Iran teams can’t write down the names of new believers on their prayer map — if the authorities raided the building and took the map, the believers would be in danger. Instead they place coffee beans on the map to represent each believer, and remember their names as they pray for them individually. Please pray for the new generation of Christians in Iran, and for the Faces of Eurasia partners who are ministering to them. Iran is #10 on the World Watch List for persecution of Christians — believers here need your prayers.