A New Life for Women and Children in the Red-Light District

Aanshi sat wringing her hands as she looked around their single bedroom home, ashamed of the life she found herself living. Being forced to serve customers had become the only life she was accustomed to living. She looked up as her husband accepted payment from the next customer, ushered him in, and closed the door without a look back. She had come to accept the lie that this was all she was good for.

She closed her eyes, remembering the moment she was married off to her first husband at just 13 years old to a man twice her age. Her father simply looked at her and said, “This is your life now,” and left without turning back. From that moment on, her life became a living hell. Her abusive husband realized there was a profit to be made by exploiting and pimping her out.

In the Islamic nations of Southern Asia, women are viewed as having no worth and fall into the lowest class. Many have abusive husbands that are addicted to drugs and alcohol, causing them to never hold a steady job. To support the family’s income, many women have no other choice but to work in red-light areas… or perish.

Aanshi suffered extreme abuse and near death at the hands of her first husband. She eventually moved far from him and remarried, only to have her second husband also exploit her, continuing her life of hell.

But that’s not where the story ends…

One of our workers in Southern Asia recounts Aanshi’s story saying, “One year ago, we met Aanshi as part of our outreach in the red-light area. She joined The Oasis program, and I have been watching her flourish as she has encountered the life-changing love and hope of Jesus. In all my years, I’ve never witnessed a transformation as profound as the one I’ve seen in Aanshi’s life.”

The Oasis is a Project Rescue ministry focused on reaching women and children who have been trafficked or sexually exploited. The team engages in outreach in the red-light district, building relationships with women who find themselves in this hopeless situation.

In 2021, The Oasis was opened as a training center for women coming out of the sex trade. After building trust with members of the Oasis team, the women begin to imagine a better life for themselves and their children. This holistic program focuses on their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs, while also teaching them vocational skills. Some women who join the program are simply thrilled to learn how to read and write.

The program is now paving the way for more than 75 women and children to find a new life in Christ. We need your help to expand this ministry and reach more desperate women and children in these red-light areas.

If you walk down the street in the red-light district, you would see young boys and girls peering out from the poverty-stricken homes. You would see a shirtless young girl standing in the doorway, surrounded by children of all ages running around with disheveled hair and bare feet caked with dirt. You would see men meandering about, gazing at the women with lewd desire.

The reality is bleak. No access to education. Poverty. Drugs. Exploitation. Child marriage. Abuse. Neglect. Abandonment. Pain. Trauma. Hopelessness.

The next step for the team at The Oasis is to launch a children’s center in the red-light district. Through the center, children will be enrolled in school and find a safe place to seek refuge.
They will have access to food, clean water, medical care, educational help, extracurricular activities like art, music, martial arts, and sports. But most importantly, they will learn about a God who loves them with an everlasting love.

Would you partner with us to give these children a brighter future, to see God rewrite their stories of trauma and pain into stories of redemption and freedom?

“I looked around, and I imagined a children’s center in the heart of the red-light area, shining like a city on a hill, a beacon of light in the darkness. A safe place where children can receive food, clean water, clothing, medical care, and an education. A place where they are loved and cared for and taught about the unconditional love of Jesus.” -Eurasia Worker at The Oasis

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5

The team at The Oasis witnesses devastating heartbreak and feels the strongholds of evil, but they are also seeing the smiles and hearing the laughter of those who are finding hope and joy, sometimes for the first time. When the women in the program learn about Jesus, a glimmer of hope appears in their eyes– something that’s not a common sight for those with traumatic pasts like theirs.

There is a longing apparent within these women and children, a wanting to grasp onto that hope, wanting to believe change is possible. They want to believe that life can be better, while fighting the doubt that it will all end in the same brokenness and pain they’ve experienced their whole life. When they begin to experience the truth of the gospel, they come to understand that this time, the story will have a different ending. Because God is beginning to transform their stories of tragedy into stories of hope.

Our worker shared more about Aanshi’s story saying:

“Six months into the program, we were watching the episode of The Chosen where Jesus met with Nicodemus. After the episode, I asked our ladies, ‘If you could sit across the table from Jesus, and ask Him any question, what would you ask?’ Later that day, Aanshi came to me, and she said, ‘Sister, I know what question I would ask. I would ask Jesus, ‘Why is my life so beautiful?’

“I’ve never been more at a loss for words than I was at that moment. Her answer took my breath away. It was then that I realized that no one is too far gone or too broken for Jesus to heal. No story is too tragic that God can’t redeem it.”

We serve a God who can do the impossible. Today, you can be a part of the reaching more women and children in the red-light area with the transformational love of Christ.

The new children’s center will be more than just a building; it will be a sanctuary for vulnerable children who desperately need a safe space to thrive. With your support, we can provide these children with access to education. We can meet their physical needs that so often go unmet such as food, clean water, and medical care. Your partnership will ensure that each child will learn about Jesus, who loves them unconditionally and offers them hope and healing.

We can expand the transformative impact of The Oasis by connecting with more women in the red-light areas, providing life-changing care through the new children’s center, and welcoming new women into the two-year vocational program.

Will you give generously to support the women and children that God will bring out of exploitation and into The Oasis program?

Together with God, let’s see the impossible happen.

“If we do all of this to see one young woman freed from the bondage of sex slavery, one child given a hope for a future, it would be well worth it. But God isn’t stopping at one. I believe this is only the beginning, and God has countless more stories He is getting ready to rewrite. So our commitment is this: to fight for one more woman, one more child, and to keeping doing this until Jesus comes back.”  —Eurasia Worker at The Oasis