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Apr Apr 2018

Reaching…. IRAN

The danger is real. In Iran where the ayatollahs are in charge, telling people about Jesus is a serious offense … even possessing Christian literature can land you in trouble. And gathering as believers to pray for one another? Strictly forbidden. But this doesn’t stop your Faces of Eurasia Ministry. The enclosed information shows you — last year we reached 50,000+ people in Iran with Gospel literature — and right now evangelical Christianity is growing faster here than in any other nation of the world!

Feb Feb 2018

You Give them Hope!

Every other word is nonsense — who would even attempt to try to figure out the meaning? But the text above IS life-changing: it’s the beginning of the gospel of John in an old-English Bible. Not long ago, the ONLY kind of “Bible” available in the Arabic language was ancient Arabic. Archaic. Nobody could understand it! Thank God, the missionaries who discovered this determined to create a modern-language Arabic Bible — And now, you’re helping us get this modern-language “Sharif Bible” to Eurasian Muslims … You are bringing hope to those in desperate need. Thank you! The message of eternal…